Slic3r 1.30      

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Reviewed on November 26, 2018

Slic3r compiles all the information needed to print your 3D model

Open source Slic3r is slicing software that is used around the world. It is the means to configuring your STL, AMF or OBJ 3D model file for the G-code required to instruct the 3D printer.

G-code must access a huge amount of information to create the correct coordinates:

  • Layer height - print resolution depends upon the layer height, i.e. increased height for more detailed resolution so that more layers are printed.
  • Infill - a grid is created on the inside of the model to strengthen it and reduce the printing time that would be required for a solid fill.
  • Support material - provides thin pillars for the skeleton of the model, creating the overhangs that 3D printer software cannot otherwise print.
  • Shells - less or more walls to cover all the infill and support material, and create a tough, smooth finish.
  • Speed - dependent upon the part being printed with external areas being printed more slowly to provide better quality, and the infill, for example, being printed fast in order to cut down on total printing time.
  • Skirt or brim - are basically optional controls, skirt looping the model to clear to way for the extruder, and brim providing for a layer to keep the bottom of the model adhered to the print surface
  • Filament settings - control the extruder temperature and include setting the size of the filament diameter and use of the extruder fan for cooling.

Manage the configuration of your 3D models to G-code

Download, extract and open Slic3r and, to change the defaults, follow the instructions of the wizard that immediately launches to make setting up of the software easy. Any further required changes can be made later.

The Slic3r graphical user interface is highly comprehensive - Plater, Print Setting, Filament Settings and Printer Settings tabs are at the top of the screen, with the relevant toolbars displayed beneath them. The Plater tab provides you with a workspace where you view, adjust, rotate and re-size your models, and a right-hand panel to which you use the Add button to browse or drag and drop your input files.

With all settings configured, the Plater screen provides for their confirmation or final adjustment and the Export to G-code button. Click you can browse to your destination folder and then click Save. Slicing begins and your G-code is generated.

You can also run the program from the command line for convenience in integrating the application with other operations.

Slic3r is your all-purpose 3D printer software

G-code can be generated in batch form with Slic3r, you can adjust a 3D model before configuring the G-code file, convert to another 3D format and export SVG slices. The 3D printer software is compatible with all major 3D printers and DLP printers and, multi-threading capability ensures the fastest available slicing.

Sequential options provide for printing one object at a time, for individual fan and print speeds and configurations for multiple printers.

Slic3r is compatible with all more recent 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows.

Software Product Description

The best known name in 3D printer software.