Sloth Patrol 1.03      

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Release Date:   2013-08-30

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Sloth Patrol is a fast paced twin stick shooter and the most realistic sloth-based video game ever conceived. The game combines elements of bullet-hell shoot em' ups with the frantic action synonymous with twin stick shooters.

In addition to a story driven campaign mode, Sloth Patrol features a competitive survival mode with online ranking. Players lead sloth space pilot Julio Treewalker in the defense of his home world of Slothonia. Opposing Julio is the evil Colonel Hisser, leader of the Possum Empire.

Sloth Patrol allows players to rate their performance against others via an online scoring system.

A gamepad is recommended to fully enjoy Sloth Patrol, however, the game also supports the use of the keyboard/mouse.


"Excellent shooter"

Reviewer: -Brian Loves Christy

Review Date: 2013-09-13

Pros: Cool game with world ranking system online, very nice! It has good electronic music, and the sound effects remind me of classic games sfx. It took me 2 days to master the controls, then you understand to keep flying and shooting backwards! This new concept on space shooters is great to play! Overall Sloth Patrol is a great game to have on your computer. - BLC

Cons: I'd like to see this made into a multiplayer online game like Subspace Continuum that I play all the time (google it). Also would like to see an exploration-type world, sort of like world of warcraft or final fantasy but with a shooter game. Of course all these things will be done in the future as programmers think of new things to add to their games.

Other Thoughts: One day a programmer will figure out how to link all videogames ever made together into one single game. Steam? Almost, but more like a MAME emulator system, where once a game is ported into the Gamers Ultimate Database, double click and you're playing the game. Like a swiss army knife, but for video games, and with user uploaded games. As long as the game can be launched with what the user uploaded, it's added to the list. Now that would be cool.


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