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System administrators must know the states of their network connections, but this task should not be left only to these professionals. However, checking network state can be tricky if you do not have an appropriate tool. A good choice is SoftPerfect Network Scanner, which is ideal for both professionals and ordinary users.


  • Detects both external and internal IP addresses
  • Detects the hidden shared and writable folders
  • Detects MAC-addresses
  • Pings computers and shows the alive ones
  • Retrieves system information via WML
  • Scans for listening TCP ports
  • Provides information about currently logged-on users
  • Launches third-party applications

Using SoftPerfect Network Scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner has an executable file that is launched directly from its stored location. The free multi-threaded SNMP, NetBIOS and IP scanner features a modern user interface that makes it easy to access its advanced features. However, you will probably need some minutes to familiarize yourself with its various features. Placing the cursor over the neatly arranged icons provides relevant information about them for better identification.

When we wanted to scan our network, we needed to select our desired range of IPs and then click the 'Scan' button. It is important to select a smaller range for best results that are easily manageable. You can set the application to automatically detect your IP range. The scanner displays the number of devices and threads found, including their respective host names, MAC-addresses and response times.

You can save scan results on your computer.

We could then connect and send messages to remote computers. The message service you use must also be running on the remote computer. The scanner gave us several ways of opening computers, including as normal or secure Web, FTP, Telnet and remote desktop.

The scanner enabled us to mount shared folders and use them as network drives. We could also check the ports we defined, and the application would give us a report if any of the ports was open. The program is handy in resolving host names and automatically detecting external and local IP range. Resolving host names mean converting IP addresses to host names that humans can understand easily.

We configured SoftPerfect Network Scanner to operate as we wanted. Under 'General' Options alone, we could make 15 configurations, including maximum threads, ping timeout, ping method and number of attempts.


SoftPerfect Network Scanner enables every computer user to analyse their network connections. Its advanced features and user friendliness make it ideal for both system administrators and ordinary PC users.

Software Product Description

A free multi-threaded IP, SNMP and NetBIOS scanner with several advanced features.


"Best Network Scanner ever!"

Reviewer: -Paco

Review Date: 2021-03-28

Pros: The most advanced Netscanner app for Win and MacOS

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Highly Recommend


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