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Note: This is the last free version before the software became trial software.

Have you ever considered using a RAM disk? This is a virtual disk that you create in your computer's Random Access Memory or RAM. One of the advantages of using a RAM disk is that it works faster than a physical hard drive. However, how do you create it? This is where SoftPerfect RAM Disk comes to your rescue.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a RAM disk application that allows you to create a virtual disk easily. The RAM disk has all the features of other storage devices, except that it resides on your computer's memory. For example, it's accessible via Windows Explorer, and needs to be formatted before you can use it.

The RAM disk is especially handy in storing temporary files, and you can configure Windows to use it for such files instead of the physical hard disk. You will not only increase speed but also save valuable space on your hard disk. This is important considering that third-party applications usually create many temporary files that they use for short periods, yet the files remain on the temporary folder. You won't have to keep remembering to delete the temporary files because the RAM disk is cleared whenever you turn off your computer. In addition, frequent reading and writing significantly affect the life of a hard disk.

You can create as many RAM disks as you like of varying sizes depending on the memory available on your computer. Many modern computers come with lots of memory, most of which remain unused. With SoftPerfect RAM Disk, you can optimize the use of this memory and improve the performance and life of your computer.


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