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Release Date:   2020-12-23

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Software Product Description

Source Editor is a simple editor with text coloring.


  • You can edit next types of files: C/C++ (.c, .cpp, h), C# (.cs), Java (.java), Ix86 Assembler (.asm, .inc), Resources (.rc), Java Script (.js), Cascading Style Sheets (.css).
  • So well edit web files and view them in the inner (or external) browser: XML (.xml, .config), Html (.html, htm), ASP.NET(.aspx, .asmx,...).
  • It can print source files in the graduated black & white.
  • It can generate html-image for publication code in the Internet.
  • It has some common automation (quick keys) for enclosing into remarks, quotes, and brackets.
  • "Type Browser.NET" is written in the "Source Editor" and specially for C# files editing in the "Source Editor".
  • You can compile source files from Source Editor - just associate extension with compiler. For compilation C/C++ (.c, .cpp), C# (.cs), Java(.java) and Assembler (.asm) files with different options, "Compile Plus" is included with already predefined options for cl.exe, csc.exe, ml.exe, javac.exe.