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Reviewed on March 16, 2018

MOBA games have dominated the landscape for the last few years, and for good reason. They're competitive, kind of fun to watch, and easy enough to pick up that most people can play them. What's funny, though, is that they weren't the only types of games to spin out from Warcraft 3. There were dozens of other mods, some of which could have supported their own genres just as easily. While a few have come and gone, at least one has made its way into a full game. Spellsworn takes a lot of notes from a Warcraft 3 mod, but has managed to become its own game.

When you first log in to Spellsworn, you'll feel a sense of nostalgia - or dread, depending on how you feel about certain genres. It takes a lot of cues from the MOBA genre, but it takes just as many from the old Warcraft 3 mod Warlock. It's a frantic PvP game that's as much about spending precious resources on the right spells as it is about your own twitch skills. The game is purely PvP without even a hint of a real story, but that somehow works. Without narrative trying to bog things down, the experience somehow feels purer.

Even though it comes from an older source, Spellsworn does feel like a breath of fresh air. Yes, it trades heavily on the MOBA formula, but it's different enough that you won't find yourself wondering why you aren't playing League of Legends or DOTA. Everything really does feel like it's based on your own speed and strategy, so you'll rarely lose a game in a cheap way. It's the kind of PvP that you really want to see, not one that's dominated by those who spend more money or who make a lucky champion pick. You'll lose a lot, but it will always be your fault.

While everything from the concepts to the mechanics marks this as a great game, it really hasn't taken off among players. That would make the game a hidden gem in most cases, but it's the kiss of death in something that's PVP focused. It's hard to find a good game and most of the time you'll wonder why no one else is playing. When you do find a game, prepare to get dominated by those who have spent more time playing than you. The learning curve is fairly steep and few have any patience when it comes to dragging a newbie along.

All in all, you've got to give Spellsworn points for potential. It doesn't quite have the population it needs to sustain itself yet, but that might come in time. As it stands, it's a very good game that just needs more people to figure that fact out. If you jump in now, you've got a very good chance of being among those who master the game before it really takes off. If you want to stay competitive, it's time to give the game a shot. The worst that can occur is that you find yourself thoroughly embarrassed by those who got there before you.

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Free battle arena game that uses the MOBA formula.

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