SpyDetect Free 1.0.1      

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Release Date:   2016-05-31

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The Internet has truly made things easy for everyone. It has simplified people's lives, with almost everything they want being at their fingertips. At the same time, the Internet has made it easy for those with ill intent to carry on their activities almost unnoticed. One of the common trends is where hackers remotely get access to computers using special software and monitor whatever is entered via the keyboard, a practice that is known as keylogging. Keyloggers record everything typed on the keyboard, including usernames and passwords. SpyDetect Free is especially designed to detect programs and processes that monitor keyboard activities without the owners' permission.

Using SpyDetect Free

SpyDetect Free is a lightweight and portable application that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. You just need to download the appropriate version for your system.

Once we had saved the application to our chosen location and launched it, it opened a simple graphical user interface with minimal options. The application window displayed a prominent button with the words "Check Now" on the upper part of the interface.

It performed two related functions: The first function checked whether our computer was being spied on while the other determined whether someone was monitoring us. Please note that some monitoring may be necessary, especially in the work environment, but no spying can be reasonably justified.

Since most processes that record keystrokes use hooks, SpyDetect Free looks for and detects any hooks installed on the keyboard. These processes can record such sensitive information as banking details, something that you would not want. However, this does not necessarily mean the presence of hooks automatically means you are being spied on. For example, some processes may simply count how often users press keys. Still, it is better to know what could be happening.

SpyDetect Free also helped us to determine whether our system was being monitored. It analyzed the computer for common practices that monitoring programs performed. It then displayed the types of activities detected showing the possibility of monitoring.

Please note that monitoring only deals with things like website usage and applications but not keystrokes. This means monitoring does not involve capturing of personal information.

We could get more information by clicking the "Details" button located on the lower left corner of the application window.


While respectful monitoring is okay in the workplace, nothing justifies spying on anyone, whether an employee or a spouse. SpyDetect Free will help you determine what is happening behind the scenes on the computer you are using. The software detects both monitoring and spying activities.

Software Product Description

Free Spyware Detecting Software to detect processes on your computer that might be spying on keystrokes pressed.