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For the last thirty years, science fiction games have tried incredibly hard to capture the essence of Star Trek. There have been a few attempts here or there to replicate the feel of tactical combat or bridge command, but nothing ever really replicated the ineffable wonder that made Star Trek so important. In 2010, Atari did what players had wanted for years - they created a massively multiplayer Star Trek game that allowed players not just to control a starship, but to take command of her crew. Star Trek Online was the culmination of decades of desire, but the question must still be asked - is it worth playing?

Command a Starship in Combat, Lead Crew on Ground Missions

Star Trek Online is both a game that takes a unique approach to MMOs and treads some well-traveled ground. The hook, of course, is that the game offers two avatars for the player - the starship and the crew. The game is split into two separate sections, one that involves starship combat and one that involves Away Missions. While in space, players command an upgradable starship. While on the ground, players command a small Away Team full of crew members. Players encounter familiar Star Trek species and tropes in both settings, encountering a story that spans the chronology of the series.

When Star Trek Online is at its best, it's fantastic. Starship combat is tactical and challenging, while the diplomacy missions do take a bit of doing to get right. Customization is virtually unmatched, especially since Cryptic took over the game. When it's not at its best, though, there are definite holes in the game. Away Missions are uninspired and repetitive, and most of the end-game content is a chore. It's an uneven game at best, and that's before you dig into the free-to-play nature of the game.

Free-to-Play Done Right

In many ways, Star Trek Online does free-to-play right. There's no story content gated behind real money - you can advance to the highest level of the game without spending a dime. Even with the real money marketplace, you can earn absolutely everything in the game if you are willing to deal with the grind. It's a good system, albeit one that can be frustrating. There's a huge difference between free-to-play ships and paid ships, and those who want the best ships in the game will have to shell out money. It's not a necessity, of course, but those who want a specific new class of ship will almost always have to pay.


Star Trek Online is a great Star Trek game. It allows players to explore a universe that's never really been presented in an interactive way. It's not, however, one of the best MMOs on the market. This game definitely stands head and shoulders above other F2P titles, though, and is worth a try. If you've got a next-gen console or a decent PC, this game is worth a download. While it might not be perfect, it's definitely the best Star Trek game ever made - and that ought to count for something.

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Free action-packed MMO Star Trek game.

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