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Reviewed on April 19, 2017

There are only a few games that can claim to define an entire genre. While you've got your Mario Brothers in the platforming space and Doom in the world of shooters, the world of Real Time Strategy had a number of contenders for the throne at one time. After everything shook out, though, there was one game that stood above the others - StarCraft: Brood War. Not only was the game the pinnacle of the genre, but it was arguably one of the first games to really help define the e-Sports genre. Now that you can download Starcraft free thanks to Blizzard, it's a good idea to stop and see if the game still holds up.

Amazing Single Player Campaign and Competitive Multiplayer Option

If you've never played Brood War, it's a good idea to catch up with a quick primer. The game places you in the role of a commander of one of three species - Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg. The species started their conflict in the base version of the game, but things really started to heat up in Brood War. The game introduces a few units that have become an important part of the overall universe, but the game mostly stands out because of how it codified the balance between the three races. If you're looking for an amazing gaming experience, you'll find it here.

Brood War has a fantastic campaign, but it really stands out when you take the plunge into multiplayer. There are dozens of viable strategies out there, from the venerable Zerg rush to the long-game of the Protoss. Players can work together or against one another, building up bases and figuring out how to best leverage the technology of their race into a victory. Players have been at the game for well over a decade now, though, and newcomers are unlikely to win a match for some time. This is a game without a learning curve - instead, it has a learning mountain.

Although Dated Still One of the Best in its Genre

Are there downsides to Brood War? Of course. The game looks dated, though the visuals of the game itself hold up for the most part. You'll cringe a bit when the cut-scenes hit, though, especially if you've played one of the more recent iterations of the game. There are still some balance issues present, though they're not terrible. The biggest problems come in terms of the ground you'll have to make up to be competitive. This isn't a free-to-play game where you can blame other players outspending you on your failures - you're going to lose, and often, because the competition is just that much better than you.

Brood War is still every bit the game it was on release. It's amazing that the player base is still there, and it's likewise amazing how easily a former player can fall back into old gameplay habits. If you're willing to put up with some incredibly stiff competition, this game is definitely a good idea to download Starcraft free while it's available. The learning curve is steep and the competition is merciless, but it's still worth playing if only to experience a true piece of gaming history. Strategy doesn't get much better than this.

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