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Reviewed on January 17, 2018

We've seen Steam go from 'Half-Life 2 DRM' to a massive gaming platform. It has become a vital interface, and a means to connect with other gamers and friends.

Steam is far from perfect. That's why many are coming up with utilities to make the entire experience of using Steam better. One of these utilities is Steam Library Manager.

What Steam Library Manager Does

Basically, Steam Library Manager allows users to move games between Steam and your own backup libraries. It also moves download folders, patch files, workshop files and more.

It also includes a library cleaner feature that cleans previous installation leftovers and orphaned folders.

How to Move Files

First, you have to create a Backup Library. This is done by simply dragging folders and dropping them to the library grid on the Steam Library Manager utility.

The most recent version of SLM supports multiple selections. You can select all folders or CTRL+A to move or copy into the backup library.

It's that easy.

Why You Need Steam Library Manager

Essentially, what you are doing with Steam Library Manager is managing data. If you've got a new PC and don't want to spend too much time downloading your Steam Library all over again - backing up your data is the solution.

Although Steam itself has a built-in game backup utility, it takes forever to work around especially if you've got games over 30GB. This is where Steam Library Manager comes in. You can cut down the loading time of transferring games using Steam Library Manager.

Also, if you've got a ton of games on your PC, Steam will take time loading a specific game. Steam Library Manager manages your library by extracting programs then running the executables. It can sort through your data and list it in order.

The cleaner feature is quite useful as well. If you are installing a new game on Steam, the cleaner will install the required runtimes beforehand. Any redundant files will be searched and removed, saving you space and time when installing new games.


Got 10, 50 or 100 games in your Steam library? Some even have a thousand. Steam goes on sale once in a while, and they can be legendary. So, if you feel the need to splurge, you are not the only one.

Before you know it, you've got tons of games, and your Steam library looks like a puzzle that needs to be solved. Thankfully, Steam Library Manager is here to help out.

Cleaning up your library, sorting data out and creating a backup library constitute to better data management.

Your Steam Library will look less overwhelming, and you'll feel better about it. Seasoned gamers can now play with less stress and will look forward to the next Steam sale without any worries.

Software Product Description

SLM (Steam Library Manager) is a tool designed to backup / restore / move installed Steam and Origin applications in ease of use with multi-library support.