SterJo Strong Password Generator 1.0      

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Release Date:   2017-01-27

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Reviewed on January 27, 2017

The increasing spate of security breaches that affect even large and reputable organizations emphasize the importance of strong passwords. SterJo Strong Password Generator is a lightweight program that helps users to create strong passwords quickly. They only need to make a few selections and the application will generate passwords that match their specifications.

Using SterJo Strong Password Generator

We downloaded and extracted the application files into a folder where we launched it directly. We needed to launch the application with elevated privileges for it to function.

Four check boxes enabled us to choose the character set that we wanted our passwords to have. We could choose to include lowercase, uppercase, numbers and ASCII symbols. We also specified the required password length, with the default being 16 characters.

Once we had specified these things, we simply clicked the "Generate Password" on the lower left corner of the application window. The generated password immediately appeared in the password box just above the button.

The application also allowed us to generate a list of passwords instead of single passwords. When we clicked the "Generate List" button, a pop-up window appeared where we entered the number of passwords to generate. The application could generate a maximum of 1000 passwords simultaneously. As soon as we clicked "OK," another window appeared displaying the generated passwords, with buttons on the lower side for saving or copying the list or closing the window.

Apart from generating passwords, the software included a feature for generating keys, which developers could use in applications. We also specified the way we wanted the application to generate the keys. For example, we selected whether we wanted to use uppercase letters and numbers. Two radio buttons let us choose whether we wanted to add delimiters and after how many characters. We could choose to add either a specified suffix or prefix to the keys and the key length. The program likewise allowed us to copy or save the generated keys.


SterJo Strong Password Generator is a handy tool for generating both passwords and keys. You can generate individual or multiple passwords simultaneously. Note that you must run the software with administrator privileges.

Software Product Description

SterJo Strong Password Generator creates strong and random passwords based on the characters you want to use.