StickIt 3.0.6      

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Release Date:   2008-12-29

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OS:  Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

StickIt is a Windows desktop sticky note application. Create notes and place them anywhere on your desktop. The notes will stay where you leave them until they have been closed. The notes will even reappear after rebooting your computer. You can customize your notes by choosing from a wide range of text and background colors.

If you're on the same network as other StickIt users, you can create notes on their desktops. You can send notes across other networks as well, but that requires that both StickIt users have properly opened port 1979 for UDP access.

What's New in version 3.0.6:

  • ADDED: CTRL+Enter can now be pressed at the StickIt Note Editor window to create/send a note.
  • FIXED: "&" now properly displayed when used in note text.
  • FIXED: StickIt tray icon was not reloading after Windows Explorer crashed.


"Top Notch !"

Reviewer: -freefaller

Review Date: 2007-09-24

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Other Thoughts: I LOVE this program. Now, if it only had an pop-up alarm..........


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