Stickys 1.21      

Size:  1.0MB

License:   FREE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2006-10-11

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

This is a very small, donationware/freeware program that allows you to have an electronic version of a little, yellow sticky note on your computer, with built-in e-mail functions!


  • You can resize the note window to any size or shape you like!
  • Includes a "roll-up" feature.
  • Includes a magnet feature to the sides of your screen.
  • Supports resizable skins. More to come...
  • You can have it READ the note to you! It also includes additional voice options for speed and pitch, as well as Speech Engine options. (Note: This requires that you already have the speech engines installed. They are Free and you can download them here.)
  • Provides for rich text, so that you can set your own font style and sizes, etc.
  • It is Internet-enabled: just select a link or e-mail and right-click and choose GOTO option.
  • Simple reminder feature.
  • You can choose your own background color for the sticky note.
  • You can do just about everything from the right-click menu. It works just like a regular menu does, CTL-F shows the File menu, etc.
  • You can select-all, cut, copy, paste, delete to and from the note window, including undo, find, replace, etc.
  • You can set it to be "Always on Top" or not.
  • You can minimize it to your system tray for easy access. If you do minimize to the tray, it will remember where it was last and what shape you had it in.
  • You can send your note as an e-mail -- directly from Stickys! You have many options -- just right-click, then "E-mail it", you'll see several options.
  • It will save it automatically when you close it. It will save it as Note1.rtf, so that you can then use it for other purposes if needed, or you can save it under a different name.
  • You can open/save any stickys note.
  • Includes a help file and install/uninstall.
  • Word-wrap and scroll bar options.
  • Is now LAN-aware. You can have it re-open the last saved file anywhere it was last saved (optional).