Svchost Process Analyzer 1.3      

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Release Date:   2017-03-03

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Reviewed on March 03, 2017

One of the most difficult to understand Windows processes is Svchost.exe. This is a generic name for services running from DLLs or dynamic-link libraries. Unfortunately, many viruses take advantage of the generic name to conceal their malicious activities. Svchost Process Analyzer helps users to uncover the harmful files. The lightweight application developed by Neuber Software is easy to handle, making it ideal for average users.

Using Svchost Process Analyzer

The application did not need installation or runtimes. It did not change the registry as it modified no file outside its directory.

We launched the application by double-clicking the executable file. It took a few moments for the application window to open, and the scanning process started automatically. When the process was over, the application displayed the number of warnings found as well as the numbers of Svchost.exe processes and services they contained.

The lower right part of the window featured two buttons for respectively viewing scan details and program information on a web browser. Clicking the "Details" button opened a page that was divided into upper and lower panes. The upper pane listed the Svchost processes that were running on our computer while the lower pane displayed the services contained in the selected process.

The details on the upper pane included process names (all of which were Svchost.exe), ID, file location, group and number of services contained. Details on the lower pane included display name, service name, file and status (whether active or inactive). Separate symbols differentiated Microsoft services and processes from atypical ones. The program informed us that we needed to check the atypical files with Security Task Manager, another application from Neuber Software.

We could select items by clicking either the right or left mouse button while double-clicking the left mouse button brought up the properties window. However, we could not do anything beyond that.


Svchost Process Analyzer is a lightweight tool that is designed to identify malicious Svchost.exe processes. It scans and lists all Svchost processes that are running on a computer, including their associated services, with warnings about atypical ones. The program requires no configuration to run but you need a different application to check the potentially malicious processes and services.

Software Product Description

Lists all svchost instances and checks the services they contain.