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Reviewed on March 01, 2019

Fast, user-friendly conversion of just about any audio file

Create files to play on your MP3 player, phone or tablet, compress files for storing or sharing, extract sound bites from video files or make ringtones... all with a free audio converter. The free version of Switch Audio Converter does all this and more.

Switch is a user-friendly, audio converter that is handy for creating the file you need from almost any audio file format. Audio conversion becomes a simple matter of importing the relevant files, selecting the format required and clicking a button to convert them.

  • Convert 40 different file formats which includes: MP3 files, WAV, WMA, M4A, AVI, and more
  • Extract audio from video files
  • Automatically normalize audio
  • Batch conversion
  • Convert entire playlists
  • Compress files for storage
  • Search online databases for audio file information to add during conversion
  • Play tracks from the program before conversion

Easiest to use audio file conversion application

The comprehensive graphic user interface makes converting audio files so easy. The main panel displays the files you add for conversion, their location, and extended information. There's a toolbar above, under the menu bar, with Add, Remove, Play, Convert and Options buttons, and output requirements boxes to complete below alongside your Convert button.

Click the Add File(s) button on the toolbar or use the File drop-down menu to browse to the files you want to convert. These can be in any audio file format. Use the Remove button or the File menu to remove any. Multiple files can be selected using Ctrl and left-clicking them, or all files can be highlighted using Ctrl + A or Select All from the File menu. Double click or left-click a file and click the Play button or use the File menu to listen to it.

Type in the destination location for your converted files, or use the browse button beside the Save to Folder box to find and select the folder where they will be saved. Select the Output Format from the dropdown list of available formats and click Encoder Options to configure the settings for the required format.

Select the files to be converted and click Convert. If you're converting all the files you've added to the list, you do not need to select them - they will automatically be converted when you click the Convert button. Alternatively, select Convert Files from the Convert dropdown menu in the toolbar.

Configure a wide range of options

Clicking the Options button in the toolbar or selecting Options from the File menu opens the Switch Options window. This has File, Conversions, Other and Right-Click tabs.

The File window accesses Overwrite and Default Metadata panels where you can respectively enter the desired actions and complete the file information tags.

The Conversions window is in three parts - Formats, Errors, and Audio Processing. Specify options for formatting in such situations as conversion and output formats being the same, deleting source files, circumstances for aborting conversion and normalizing volumes, etc.

The Other tab is for setting background mode, playback, context menu, and confirmation options, and Right Click is where you customize your shortcuts.

Switch is a desirable free audio converter which enables you to quickly and easily convert and encode sound files. It supports all commonly used formats and is compatible with Windows XP and later.

Software Product Description

Convert audio files with the free version of Switch Audio Converter.