What's New in version 6.14.7660:

  • The program list report in csv, now includes the GUID for every program
  • Fix - when a container in the context menu is dynamically filled, the first item is automatically selected
  • New innounp.exe library to unpack InnoSetup package up to version 6.1.2

What's New in version 6.13.7629:

  • Auto clean for the SPS _trash folder is now available as an option
  • A new button in the SPS detail allows to open the SPS file for the programs
  • SPS program grid loses the Virus Total column
  • When the splash form loses the focus, it'll be closed
  • The splash form is no more flickering
  • New Chinese Simplified language

What's New in version 6.12.7517:

  • Breaking change for the update rules of the SPS definitions: the update interval is no more customizable. Now the definitions are forcibly updated every day
  • The SPS definitions date is now highlighted in app near to the update button
  • The update SPS Definitions button always forces the definition update regardless the last event occurrence
  • The SPS grid columns Version, Size, and VirusTotal are no more sortable
  • The new command line -ft redefines the SyMenu temp folder overriding the default one (system temp folder)
  • The drive enumeration has been speeded up
  • The Windows command item now support the .cmd extension too

What's New in version 6.11.7419:

  • In the SPS detail panel there are now the commands to install, update, remove the currently selected program
  • If the SPS definitions file prevents the file manipulation because of the Windows permissions, SyMenu alerts with a special message
  • Fix some colors on the black theme on forms (beta).

What's New in version 6.10.7325:

  • All the libraries are removed from the program root and grouped under the lib folder
  • Added the new security protocol Tls 1.3
  • The custom themes can now be extended to draw the forms too (beta)
  • The new 'Web page' entry for the extended menu allows to open the web site for the selected item whether the item is supplied with a valid URL
  • Custom path on command line for Log folder (-fl)

What's New in version 6.09.7229:

  • When some updates are available and the user enters the SPS Manager form, the Updatable filter is already set
  • The keyboard shortcuts now work on the SPS Manager form too
  • In the configuration form you can double click an item node to execute it
  • The configuration files backups are now preserve till 10 versions
  • The program publisher is always added to the program description
  • The new parameter themeForm in the configuration file allows to customize the form border color and thickness
  • The Sysinternals suite has removed and its programs are now included in the main suite
  • The SPS package download status is now highlighted with a progress bar in the task bar button
  • Fix - The added programs with AUT status (auto update) didn't appear with the Added filter active
  • Fix - When a new program was dragged in the configuration form, the red cross, meaning the executable doesn't exist, wrongly used to appear
  • Fix - The SPS program list, updates accordingly to an online forced update

What's New in version 6.08.7095:

  • When some SPS programs are outdated, SyMenu alerts the user directly from the contextual menu
  • The report has been included and published for the SyMenu suite applications
  • An SPS program flagged as auto update, is highlight with a new banner AUT when its definition is just updated
  • Alert for massive program installation under the SyMenu root to avoid performance issues
  • The two options to install under the suite named folder have been removed
  • Custom tooltip duration can be set directly in the configuration file
  • Fix for occasional failure on SSL handshake
  • 7zip new version

What's New in version 6.07.6972:

  • Breaking change on the customizable menu structure: the Host programs item is now separated from MyComputer item
  • The program logging activity is now on SQLite
  • The item execution can be logged on SQLite
  • An already updated program can be forced to update itself again. It works with autoupdatable programs too (0.00)
  • In the configuration form the cursors keys with the SHIFT modifier are able to move the items up, down, up level, and inside the very next folder
  • The item cloning available in the configuration form with drag & drop, can now be done with the special context menu entry too
  • The Visit web site link in configuration form is now a button
  • Fix - Deleting an item that is sharing its program icon with another item, doesn't remove the icon file anymore
  • Fix - The item description textbox in configuration form now selects all its text on enter as the other textboxes

What's New in version 6.05.6896:

  • All the forms and graphical elements are now dpi zoom independent
  • Top most window for the separate launchers
  • Fix - Now the SPS batch installing can be forcibly stopped

What's New in version 6.05.6775:

  • New material design
  • The SyMenu CMD shell is finally removed
  • The visit changelog invitation has been removed
  • The Russian language has been added again
  • Fix - The floating button can be located partially off screen and it doesn't reset it position anymore
  • Fix - Now the csv report supports new lines and double quotes (released with 604b)

What's New in version 6.04.6724:

  • Bug Fix

What's New in version 6.04.6709:

  • New 7zip version
  • Bug Fix

What's New in version 6.04.6708:

  • Bug Fix

What's New in version 6.04.6685:

  • The new extended menu extends every item with all the compatible action modifiers and, some of them, with the new delete action
  • The shift button disables the autoexec on exit only when the Exit is selected
  • The maximum number of native items shown on the search menu is now 25
  • The search menu is resized according with the parent size
  • Fix - The right button on a final item doesn't close the entire menu anymore

What's New in version 6.03.6634:

  • Drag and drop from FS now works with more than one element at the same time
  • Batch import analyzes the shortcuts files too (lnk files)
  • Fix - quit command line didn't work if there was no previous instance running

What's New in version 6.02.6575:

  • Dynamic desktop shortcut
  • New command line argument -quit to close, via remoting, a previously running SyMenu instance
  • New command line argument -run to launch a SyProgram. SyMenu starts itself, launches the program and quits. It's a feature tied to the Dynamic desktop shortcut
  • SyMenu can be run at Windows startup even in elevated mode
  • Option to hide the Windows hidden files on search results or during the file system navigation
  • Fix - Execution counter removes the items that are no more available among user items
  • Fix - It's possible to save an item position even when it's moved to the last available place
  • Fix - The floating icon doesn't freeze anymore when a modal form is opened
  • Fix - When the label is the longer element in context menu, its text isn't cut anymore
  • SPS Manager - Restyle for the main form and the download form
  • SPS Manager - Form minimizable
  • SPS Manager - Button to copy the installation process details to the clipboard
  • SPS Manager - Items added and no more supported, are flagged as "discontinued"
  • SPS Manager - The radio buttons for filters, automatically run the search
  • SPS Manager - Added a new radio button filter for available and not yet installed programs
  • SPS Manager - A freshly installed program that has no icon, takes the SPS icon instead
  • SPS Manager - Now the slider for the definition check interval works from 1 day to 30 days. A step beyond disables the checking
  • SPS Manager - Improved speed during the update

What's New in version 6.01.6493:

  • The SPS installation process has been lightened
  • Every item launched through SyMenu is managed first by the extension manager
  • The label color becomes customizable in the SyMenu themes
  • Bug fix

What's New in version 6.00.6406:

  • New items loading system - now the contextual menu loads and refreshes at the speed of light
  • Separate launcher - a SyContainer can be flagged to open a separate window from where its contents can be executed separately
  • Third party feature - in the configuration file SyMenuConfig.xml you can activate the feature to hide the unlinked items in the contextual menu. The key is located in the contextualMenu tag, attribute hideOrphanItems
  • Bug fix

What's New in version 5.09.6231:

  • Mouse wheel enabled on the contextual menus
  • Mouse hover on the searched items
  • Graphical improvements
  • Working directory is now resolved before the custom environment variables
  • Bug fix

What's New in version 5.08.6213:

  • Automatic check for app definitions
  • Breaking change - your SPS custom must be included in your custom suites and no more in the official one
  • Breaking change - the SPS definitions inside the _Cache folder are now zipped
  • Bug fix

What's New in version 5.07.6190:

  • New environment variable management. Relative paths and universal unit identifier are supported
  • Breaking change - the program arguments with relative paths now are solved in these ways (ordered by priority)
    • from the program custom working directory if available
    • from the program main directory if available
    • from the SyMenu base dir
  • The SyMenu command shell is deprecated and it'll be removed in a future version. From now on all the command outputs will pass through the Windows command shell. For a while this behaviour will be customizable with a special option (Option form - General tab)
  • SPS Manager - The install/remove progress window has been completely rewritten
  • SPS Manager - Option to add to the program description the category in form of hashtag
  • SPS Manager - After a successful installation or update the manager cleans up the Temp folder removing the SPS package definition or the program downloaded package
  • SPS Manager - A click on the last header column causes all the visible elements to be selected/unselected
  • SPS Manager - A new filter is available to show all the new and updated SPS not yet installed
  • SPS Manager - Script after install event can add environment variables to a SyItem
  • Bug fix

What's New in version 5.06.6149:

  • New command line arguments: -fc Folder path for Configuration, -fp Folder path for Programs, -fi Folder path for Icons
  • SPS - New implementations on SPS schema
  • SPS - Bug fix on requesting the suite definition more than once

What's New in version 5.05.6111:

  • The Extension manager now manages more than one program for the same extension
  • SPS Manager allows to install a program inside the root or inside a logical folder named as: its categoy, its program suite, a combination among the two
  • Most executed item menu. Shows the most executed items ordered by execution time
  • The tooltip has a new optional element: the execution counter
  • It's possible to launch a program in elevated mode from the configuration form too
  • New Korean language
  • SPS: new function on script after install: CopyDir
  • SPS: on script after install the RenFile delete the target file if it already exists
  • SPS: contact link supports now the query string subject.

What's New in version 5.04.6066:

  • The tooltip delay is now customizable directly form the configuration file. File SyMenuConfig.xml, tag tooltipItems, attribute delay, default value 5000 milliseconds
  • SPS: Inno setup packages can receive installation arguments (for flag -a)
  • Bug fix SPS: contextual menu on SPS grid throws an error if the folder or the file doesn't exist
  • Bug fix SPS: a file name can have a comma on script after install
  • Bug fix SPS: trash folder can contain long paths

What's New in version 5.03.6014:

  • The item description is now a multiline textbox (use ALT + 09 to insert a TAB character)
  • You can add one or more hashtags to the program description. SyMenu will preserve them even in case you reload the built in description
  • SPS Manager: with the program grid focused you can press a key to select the first element whose name starts for that letter
  • SPS Manager: the search tool finds now every single word and not the exact phrase only
  • Bug fix
  • SPS Builder: script after install

What's New in version 5.03.6014:

  • The item description is now a multiline textbox (use ALT + 09 to insert a TAB character)
  • You can add one or more hashtags to the program description. SyMenu will preserve them even in case you reload the built in description
  • SPS Manager: with the program grid focused you can press a key to select the first element whose name starts for that letter
  • SPS Manager: the search tool finds now every single word and not the exact phrase only
  • Bug fix
  • SPS Builder: script after install

What's New in version 5.02.5953:

  • The search bar has evolved: now it is able to search inside the items description too. With the search inside the description mode, you can specify more than one word or portion of word and every chunk will be search in AND
  • SPS Manager: you can execute or open the container folder of the currently focused item with a right mouse click on the program list
  • An item can be emphasized
  • Bug fix
  • SPS Builder: the script before install supports now the extended syntax with the THEN command (example: 7z THEN foo.rar)

What's New in version 5.01.5911:

  • The big floating icon can be minimized
  • The contextual item tooltip inherits the main graphical theme and it can show the program version
  • SPS Manager: optionally a new SPS program can be installed on a special folders named according to the program category
  • SPS Manager: it's possible to select more than one SPS at a time using the SHIFT key modifier along with the left mouse button
  • SPS Manager: you can copy, with a mouse right click, the app publisher url, the SPS program url, the SPS author contact
  • SPS Manager: the completely new SPS have are now differently identified from the just updated ones
  • SPS Manager: new filter for updatable and added programs
  • SPS Manager: if your SPS collection has not been refreshed in the last 15 days the system alerts you
  • In the configuration form you have a button to download the original web page title for the SyWebLink items
  • The PAF plugin has been removed
  • In the configuration form you can add new elements even if you are not focusing a container element using the Item Manager menu. Conversely the contextual menu only offers the options available for the currently focused element
  • Bug fix

What's New in version 5.00.5866

  • New fully customizable menu structure
  • New command line for menu structure: -msnormal -msadvanced
  • New command line for user custom variables: -cvfoo=text -cv'foo=text' -cv'foo foo'=text -cv'foo foo=text text' (the -cv flag can be used more than once)
  • Customizable floating button icon. It works with 48x48 png, jpg, gif, bmp images but if it is a png one it shows the transparency too
  • New option to show the contextual menu on start button mouse hover
  • The file flag READONLY can be ineffective for a certain PC if the file name is followed by a dot and the machine name
  • New element in contextual menu to directly go to SyMenu options
  • New form license
  • New form options
  • The contextual menus scrollable buttons are now bigger to simplify the use on touch screen devices
  • Bug fix: disabled the update on a readonly unit or forced by a file flag
  • Bug fix: memory leak when thousands of elements are added
  • Other bug fixes

What's New in version 4.14.5796:

  • Bug fix

What's New in version 4.14.5789:

  • Added the right click feature (action modifier changer) to compact menu too
  • In SPS Manager the mouse right click on download url, stealth, dependency and notes copies the text into the system clipboard
  • New icon extractor
  • Command line arguments
  • Custom program files folder
  • Tons of bug fix

What's New in version 4.13.5768:

  • Compatibility for multi monitor environment
  • A mouse right click on the contextual items changes the current action modifier
  • The taskbar icon tooltip is customizable with free text and SyMenu vars
  • UAC elevation on demand on autostart and autoclose for every item
  • Options form reorganization
  • Increased speed for the SyItem search engine
  • Increased speed during start up
  • From a web link you can directly download the favicon
  • If SyMenu runs in elevated mode the UAC icon is visible in the desktop floating icon too
  • If a feature such as autoexec on start/close and extension manager is disabled at the general level, the relative label is italicized in the configuration form
  • Bug fix SPS: the update process for the SPS programs now works correctly
  • Bug fix: Windows shutdown and restart now is managed correctly and SyMenu is able to serialize the current execution counter, recent files and floating button position