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Release Date:   2010-02-26

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Software Product Description

SymmTime is a convenient multizone desktop time utility that automatically synchronizes your system clock to any NTP (Network Time Protocol) server accessible from your computer. With SymmTime you know your system clock is correct and accurate because it's automatically synchronized to any NTP (Network Time Protocol) server accessible from your computer.


  • More Digital and Analog clocks to choose from.
  • Wide variety of size choices for desktop
  • Hundreds of Time Zone locations
  • Up to 30 clocks on one panel
  • Excellent Help features
You can tailor the clocks in the clock panel many different ways, including:
  • Time zones/cities of your choice
  • Number of clocks on the clock panel
  • Analog (with clock face and hands) or digital
  • 24-hour or AM/PM
  • With or without second hand/seconds counter
  • With or without city/time zone
  • Colors of the panel and of the clocks themselves
  • Size, style, color of lettering


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Other Thoughts: To the previous reviewer. The download link has been updated to the latest version.


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