What's New in version 5.4.350:

  • HTML tree: nodes 'Images', 'Links', 'Style sheets', 'IDs', 'Classes', 'Forms' (seen in WeBuilder)
  • CSS tree: nodes 'Styles', 'Colors', 'Images' (seen in WeBuilder)
  • PHP tree: node 'Includes'
  • command 'Search Extend selection', useful for any lexer, especially HTML (seen in Emmet)
  • commands 'Edit Line operations Reverse/Shuffle lines' (seen in Sublime)
  • shortcuts 'Delete from caret to beginning/end of file' (seen in Sublime)
  • dialog 'Color Picker' updated
  • more items in Tree popup menu

What's new in version 4.9.840:

  • adds syntax-aware spelling, multiline Find dialog.

What's New in version 4.8.780:

  • adds more search options + more.

What's New in version 4.7.705:

  • adds images preview, column editing + more.

What's New in version 4.6.600:

  • adds 2 plugins: FTP/SFTP, FindID for Pascal.

What's New in version 4.5.420:

  • adds panel plugins support, Explorer plugin, micro-map.

What's New in version 3.9.1680:

  • some editor options can be overriden for needed lexers - see btn 'Editor 2 -- Overrides' in options dialog
  • statusbar info can be customized: see help topic 'Misc -- Customizing Status Line'
  • option 'Auto-close HTML/XML tags'
  • option 'Auto-close brackets () [] {}'
  • external tools: output type 'Replace current word'
  • Clipboard History: more items in popup menu
  • Find in files: option 'Sort files'
  • hotkey 'Replace all occurences of selected string with clipboard text'
  • hotkey 'Reread Output panel from file' (file is 'temp'\SynWr$$.txt)
  • Haml lexer (no folding)
  • WinBuilder lexer
  • help: FAQ item 'How to export/import lexers?'
  • help: topics 'Auto-complete', 'Auto-closing', 'SyncEditing', 'File Templates'

What's New in version 3.7.1400:

  • new cool SmartTagTabbing feature for HTML. Option added in 'Auto-complete' tab. Added help topic about it.
  • command in popup menu 'Find ID declaration'; currently for Pascal lexer.
  • hotkeys 'Move caret left/right/up/down by chars' + option for
  • changed ini section for Search options
  • changed ini section for Auto-complete options
  • fix: Find in files: progress window is shown only once, not multiple times (which is irritating)
  • fix: FoxPro lexer
  • option 'Misc - Show panels' tooltips'
  • 'Insert text' dlg: added Counter option (active when no selection is made)
  • 'Insert text' dlg: 'Prefix' field added
  • 'Insert text' dlg: entire operation undoes at 1 step
  • auto-reload: option 'Misc - Follow tail on reload'
  • auto-reload: confirmation on modified file
  • Tab key works in Template popup
  • dbl-clicking Tree node: caret centered on screen (if needed)

What's New in version 3.6.1340:

  • 'Project options' dlg: hint about recursive folder search
  • FoxPro lexer auto-complete
  • fix: C# lexer tree