Syncplay Portable 1.6.7      

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Release Date:   2020-12-13  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Watching a movie by yourself may sometimes not be as enjoyable as you would like, but there are times when you cannot avoid being alone. Fortunately, you can use Syncplay Portable to have a shared viewing experience with family and friends irrespective of their locations. Basically, the free synchronizing client allows all people in the same virtual room to watch the same video at the same timeframe.

However, the client is not a file sharing or video streaming service. This means all users must have their own copies of the media played. The users must select the files manually, although the software can let them know whether or not they have the right files. Still, users with compatible players and fast Internet connection can stream media from appropriate platforms or play files from a network share.

Using Syncplay Portable

When we ran the Syncplay executable file from the location where we had extracted it, we needed to make some configurations first. We needed to specify our server address, server password, username (which was optional) and default room. We also needed to specify the paths to our media player and media file to play.

When we clicked the 'Store configuration and run Syncplay' button, the program displayed a pop up window asking whether it was OK for it to automatically check for updates from time to time, and we clicked 'OK.'

The program launched the selected media player, connected to its server and joined the specified virtual room in the server. Its interface gave us a list of users and what they were playing.

The server replicated what we or other users did, including pauses, unpauses and plays, to ensure all users in the virtual room were at the same point. When we joined a room, we were brought to the appropriate place in the file being played. Users who were ahead were also brought back in sync with others. However, users set their own volume levels.

The server affects and controls the current position and play state. On the other hand, it only affects but does not control on-screen display and playback rate. You can let the client send or hash details like filename, size and duration.

To use Syncplay Portable with VLC, we needed to place the syncplay.lua file into the main VLC subdirectory. The process was relatively straight forward because the ZIP archive we downloaded contained instructions on how to go about it.


Syncplay Portable allows people in remote locations to play the same videos and other media files at the same point by joining a virtual room. All their media players will be synchronized to the same point in a file irrespective of when they start watching or listening. However, they must select the video files manually. The program does not provide a chat platform for discussions, but it can be used with existing platforms like Mumble and IRC.

Software Product Description

Syncplay allows people to enjoy a shared viewing experience even if they are thousands of miles apart.