Synonyms and Antonyms v1.6      

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Release Date:   2004-07-30

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Software Product Description

If you like word puzzles, you'll enjoy the Synonyms & Antonyms Game! Try And guess, uncover or unscramble words that are synonyms or antonyms of other words . You probably never realized that vocabulary building could be this much fun!

In each puzzle that comes with the game, a vertical list of words is displayed with each word being a synonym (green) or antonym (red) of the word directly above it. However, only the top & bottom words are shown and you need to guess the words in-between.

There are two versions of the game you can select. In the first, you try to guess hidden words while uncovering as few letters as possible. In the second, you try to guess words whose letters are scrambled while rearranging as few letters as possible.

Comes with 75 puzzles, a puzzle editor for making your puzzles and the ability to plug-in additional puzzle packs.