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SysGauge is a handy system monitor that allows users to keep a close tab on the performance of both local and remote computers. The software provides statistics about six different categories by default but you can add others.

Using SysGauge

Since there were different versions for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, we downloaded and installed the appropriate one for our computer. The installation process took only a few seconds.

When we launched the performance monitor, it displayed a small window in front of the main one, which displayed different types of information that it was loading for a couple of seconds. The process was so fast that we could hardly read the information.

The main application window featured menus on the upper side, gauge and graph on the middle left and middle right parts respectively, the various categories on the lower side and statistics at the bottom.

The system monitor initially displayed the CPU Usage category by default. Both the gauge and graph displayed information in real time, with percentage shown below the gauge. We also got more information on the lower part, including instance, computer (whether local or remote), current, average, minimum and maximum readings.

Other categories that the program showed us included memory usage, disk space usage, disk activity, disk transfer rate and network transfer rate. It displayed information about network cards but not WiFi connections.

Double-clicking a category or counter brought up a window where we could edit it. We added the action that we wanted the performance monitor to execute when the specified measures were met. For example, we could configure it to show a warning when the current value of CPU usage exceeded a specified percentage.

Right-clicking a counter displayed a context menu that allowed us to add counter, edit counter, move counter up or down, and delete the selected counter or all counters.

When we wanted to monitor a remote computer, we simply specified the computer's IP address and selected the types of counters that we wanted to monitor. We could also specify the way we wanted the program to display the results.

We could save reports as HTML, CSV, XML, Excel, PDF or text files. The application let us choose the mode in which we wanted to save our report. We could choose complete monitoring data report mode, monitoring history statistics report mode or short summary report mode. We could also configure the program to save status reports at specified intervals and even send periodic email notifications.


SysGauge is a powerful system monitor that displays and saves statistics in various formats. You can use it to monitor either a local or remote computer. You can configure how you want it to function.

Software Product Description

A free system and performance monitoring utility.



Reviewer: -alan1000

Review Date: 2017-07-02

Pros: Very clear and readable interface which gathers several useful tools together in one place. Does what it sets out to do very neatly and very efficiently. A first-class piece of software design.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: None


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