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TA Spring is an open source project aiming to create a new RTS (realtime strategy) game. By default there is XTA mod known from Total Annihilation to get something to play with. Plus You can play additional mods like Absolute Annihilation, UberHack, etc. It reads original TA unit formats directly without conversions needed, so 3rd party units work just as well as the original ones. Maps from original TA are not supported.


"This RTS has no RPS!"

Reviewer: -Nate, ScarySquirrel

Review Date: 2009-09-12

Pros: None

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Other Thoughts: The video and screenshots show the view of the game from a variety of angles, but overviews make the nature of the game apparent. An overview of a vast battlefield, with thousands of units spread in flame lit eddies of battle across a vast vortex of conflict conveys the epic scale of this game.

Most RTS games revolve around the rock paper scissors arrangement.
To explain Spring, I will extend the metaphor. In a game with a physics engine like Spring's, two tons of paper can crush your puny scissors.

A sheer view-darkening wall of scissors can merely ignore the rocks, and paper can meet some very sharp rocks.

One mod for Spring offers everything from cloaked nuclear silos whose explosions can deform half the battlefield into a water map, deflector shields that warp enemy fire at random trajectories, wars consisting of public battles across a virtual galaxy, FPS only units with infinite range explodingsnipe-bombs, to construction units which can deform the ground into trenches and walls.


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