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Release Date:   2002-09-14

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Software Product Description

TKS is a rather lightweight script language for portable multimedia applications. It has a JavaScript/C++ like syntax and can handle user defined classes.

TKS has bindings for OpenGL1.1, SDL, SDL_net, png, jpeg, MySQL, collision detection, TTF loading and soon OggVorbis. You can create portable ".tkx" files which can be started from web pages or other documents.

A JIT compiler can partially create native (and very fast) code (especially for inner loops) and an inline assembler can be used to directly program the x86 FPU, a subset of the X86 CPU as well as the TKS-VM p-code.

TKS can be used for video games, demos, Web3D applications and even for server-side text (and soom XML) processing.