TSremux 0.21.2      

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Release Date:   2008-05-21

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

A transport stream re-muxer similar in functionality to EvoDemux.


  • Removal of source packet header
  • Generation of source packet header
  • Regeneration of DTCP descriptor (all others are kept) which removes analog output restrictions (downrezzing of HD, macrovision etc.)
  • PAT/PMT generation for RAW TS files sourced from Sat/Cable/OTA
  • Async I/O for maximum throughput
  • Ability to trim streams at the beginning and/or the end
  • Ability to pick and choose elementary streams to be kept
  • Ability to remux PCR-less streams
  • Ability to remux program streams (MPG/VOB/EVOB) into TS/M2TS
  • Ability to demux elementary streams as well as subtitle streams compatible with SUPreader (right click the selected stream with the mouse)
  • Fixing PCR/PTS/DTS after a file merge
  • Removing end-of-stream markers for VC1 and AVC after a file merge
  • Ability to inmux SUPreader presentation graphics subtile streams
  • Ability to remux into simple Blu-Ray output (new)
  • Ability to remux MKV into TS (alpha)
  • Ability to extract Dolby Digital from TrueHD in Blu-Ray streams (new)


  • All PIDs are now forced to follow Blu-Ray PID requirements
  • Still working on MKV support
  • Blu-Ray output option is beta quality.
  • Audio PES packets follow the blu-ray standard. (PES stream type 0xFD instead of 0xBD is incompatible with some older splitters/players)
  • HD-DVD to Blu-Ray conversion might have issues due to incompatible DDPlus requirements. Combo-players will have better results than Blu-Ray only.
  • MKV support early alpha quality. MPEG2/AC3 seems to work, others don't.