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Release Date:   2020-12-04

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Reviewed on December 04, 2020

Auto tagger software uses community database to complete metadata.

Using their analysis technology, MAFP (Mediapurge acoustic fingerprint), the developers of the Mediapurge set of automatic metadata comparison and completion software have added the TagComplete, an auto tagger utility to their collection.

The key to auto-tagging is title recognition whereby TagComplete has the capability to analyze, identify, and tag media files, completing the metadata by comparison with a community database. Using the software, the metadata - the file information such as the album title, artist's name, or track number - can be completed automatically for many files simultaneously.

The community database is built by users of the program scanning their inventories of music files so that the software can exchange acoustic fingerprints/metadata between individual local directories and the database. Title recognition is done locally and only the metadata, and not including any personal data, is exchanged.

Automated analysis and completion

Download and install TagComplete. Launch to an informative welcome screen that provides the 3 steps required to get started in a window below a menu bar containing Program, Configuration, Language, and Help tabs.

  • Step 1 - Select the directories where music files are stored by clicking Add Directory in the right-hand panel of the Directories window. The directories/subdirectories you select will be listed in the center panel. Use the controls at right to add files, clear them, etc. In the future, you will be able to load a pre-existing compilation of files. Click the Next button.
  • Step 2 - Local cache preparation where TagComplete analyzes and updates the cache automatically, displaying the matching tag information. A progress bar displays the progress. Upon completion, you can click the Next button.
  • Step 3 - Comparison of the metadata from selected files against the tags in the community database. Processing runs in the background so that you can view any differences between local files listed in one column and the database alongside them. You can accept or discard the differences shown.

In addition to automatically completing the metadata of all your music files or enabling you to enter data manually if you prefer, the auto tagger program also provides the Mediapurge TagEditor as part of the package. At all points, you are able to review the suggestions and choose whether to accept them, keep the original tags, or enter any custom data you prefer. You also have the option of adding cover art to a tag.

TagComplete is a convenient utility for automatically and efficiently tagging music files. The automated procedure replaces a very time-consuming one, while allowing you options for customizing tags to your satisfaction. 64-bit Windows 10 version 14257.0 or higher with an integrated keyboard and mouse is required to optimally run TagComplete.

Software Product Description

Free software to automatically complete metadata.