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TagSpaces is a freeware that provides a handy platform for personal data management. Anyone who has accumulated many files on a computer will find it time-consuming to locate specific files even if they are grouped into relevantly named folders. This is where a data management application like TagSpaces comes in handy. As its name indicates, the software adds tags to files, making them easier to locate.

Using TagSpaces

We installed TagSpaces without any hitch and started using it within a minute. The program featured an intuitive graphic interface that let us browse our files in an HTML5 web interface. It is compatible with many file types and can accept even more types with the help of plugins.

We needed to index the folder we wanted to work on and choose a name for our project. The program then displayed the folder, including its sub-folders and files, in a neat tree format. The left pane listed folders and sub-folders while the list of files contained appeared in the right pane. It sorted all the files in our directory depending on their formats. We used single mouse clicks to perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Opening files
  • Renaming files
  • Adding tags
  • Deleting files

The program also allowed us to easily create new folders, HTML and TXT files and mark down files. We created multiple tags for some files with similar characteristics. The tags were saved in the names of their corresponding files without creating any special database, which meant we could access them even without using the data management application. We could also assign priority levels to our files and include completion status for better organization.

To perform an action, we clicked on the dropdown arrow button next to the file extension to open a menu and then selected the action we wanted. Adding multiple tags was as easy as clicking check boxes to the right of the files and then clicking the 'Tag selected files' button found at the top section of the program interface.

Once we had created tags, we could browse files normally or use the tags to access them faster. We needed to start by typing the '+' sign in the search box before typing the relevant tags, which enabled us to locate required files in a breeze. The program allowed us to choose our preferred viewing mode among folder, grid and list visualization styles.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives fast results
  • Can be extended using plugins
  • Works offline
  • Tags created can be used independent of the software


  • Misses common features like Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Does not add tags to folders

Software Product Description

TagSpaces is an open source platform for personal data management. It can support organizing the files on your computer.


"Updated review of TagSpaces 3.2.1"

Reviewer: -compmend

Review Date: 2019-08-21

Pros: ** I am using the portable Linux version of the software ** TagSpaces in an easy to use file organizer, that allows the user to mark files with "tags" or collections to organize them into. The program has a great tutorial and a very intuitive interface. Connecting a new location is easy and the files in the connected directory will be available in TagSpaces. I found that it opens some of my files inside the applications while others it doesn't. Which requires opening them in an external application. It renders PDF files beautifully. They also have a "web clipping" plugin that I installed in Chrome and tested. It successfully clipped a page and saved it to my computer complete with tags that I added to it, but, I had to manually browse to the file inside TagSpaces.

Cons: There are a few cons I noticed since my previous review of this program. Now there are a lot of "PRO Only" features making the free version the "lite" version. One of the glaring changes was that my eBooks no longer open inside the application, with the exception of the PDF format. I also noticed that when I held control and selected multiple files then opted to add tags a "tags for multiple files dialog came up". When I added the tags though only the first file I selected had the tags added to it. This means that adding tags is a one by one operation, which is too time consuming.

Other Thoughts: In my opinion this program is extremely useful for managing data but the glaring error in adding tags to multiple files is disheartening. I have thousands of files and don't have time to add tags one by one essentially cancelling out the benefits of having this type of software. Hopefully this is only a glitch that can be ironed out in the next revision of this software.


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