Tagstoo 1.10.0      

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Release Date:   2018-06-19

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on September 20, 2017

Tagstoo for Windows is a free utility that provides you with a new way to classify files and folders. Make them different shapes and colors; drag and drop them; export them and import them on another computer and, best of all, greatly enhance your search options. Yes, this is what you can do when you tag directories, folders, and files!

You'll have the capability to get fast access to any individual file and a multimedia preview image with software that uses tags to categorize files and does not require installation.

Using Tagstoo

You do not have to install Tagstoo software. Instead, you simply download the portable, stand-alone and executable file. Double-click it to open the interface. Demonstration tags are provided. Just edit them to meet your needs and add new ones to the list. The list is positioned at the bottom of the window and appears as labels with different shapes, colors, and text for quick recognition and access.

Create a tag database for every drive

You can associate any number of tag databases with each drive on your computer, and they can be exported for use on any other PC. Drag and drop or, alternatively, copy and paste relevant tags to individual files and folders. Use normal file management options to move, rename, etc. A tag eraser has to be activated before you can delete a tag. This might seem inconvenient when everything else is right at your fingertips, but it prevents any accidental erasure of tags.

Tag files and find them fast

Searching for specific data is quick and easy when you tag folders and files with multiple criteria. You can add up to five tags so that search accuracy is exponentially increased. Multimedia file previews are available in Explorer and in your search results, with all the epubs on the machine displaying their cover images. You can use either the system's default or the application's integrated viewer.

Tagstoo benefits

  • Standalone utility - no installation required.
  • Tags are individualized from a variety of different shapes and colors for quick and easy identification.
  • Export and import availability for convenient mobility.
  • Customizable view modes to meet individual, organizational objectives.
  • Multimedia file previews.
  • Integrated image viewer available as an alternative to the system default viewer.
  • Import/export features for portability.


Tagstoo is a very useful little utility for categorizing files and organizing them in a very visible manner as opposed to the traditional method of just naming them. A standalone application, it is quick to implement, and portable in that tag databases can be imported and exported to different computers. If you're a visually oriented person who loves color and shape, download Tagstoo for Windows today.

Software Product Description

Free tool to organize and tag folders / files.


"Confusion from bad instructions from a bad program"

Reviewer: -daveme7

Review Date: 2018-06-29

Pros: None

Cons: So how do you make this program work? It does not give you really good directions. So if you want to cut or copy-goodluck figuring that out. When working with pdf files I selected some files I wanted to move. What happens? Either Copy or Cut. Seems like the maker of this software wants to be cute about everything. Most times you will get an option to cut or copy or delete as seperate functions. With this software, you have the copy and cut function on the same button. So if you select files, what will happen? Nothing because you just keep pressing the button to cut and it brings up the copy button-if you select that, it changes back to copy without cutting or copying anything. So didit cut? I don't know. I go to the location I want to put it and select paste and I get a message that comes up, "No files selected" So how do you cut it or as it claims you can do a drag and drop. The instructions are not very good. The only thing this program is good for is for wasting your time.

Other Thoughts: The thing I hate most about this besides the very unclear instructions that instructs you to do nothing (It pretends you are doing something but in the end, could not figure out how to simply move or copy a file to another location)-that thing I hate most than this program, the time it took to download and the time I took to figure it is crap freeware that does nothing but waste your time. Might as well stick with what you get in your version of Windows and going with a different tagging program. The price to be paid for this bad review is the time this program took from me that I cannot get back.


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