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Task Manager DeLuxe is a lightweight but powerful tool that provides more enhancements than the standard Windows task manager application. The software gives you the opportunity to observe a large number of details about running processes, startup items, and more in real time.

Using The Software

We downloaded the ZIP archive and extracted the application that we launched without the need for any installation. We easily used the portable application on multiple computers by saving it on a removable storage device.

The program launched quickly, immediately displaying a list of processes running on our system. In addition to the "Processes" tab that was displayed by default, there were also other tabs for:

  • services
  • autorun items
  • network information and traffic
  • disk I/O real-time graph
  • performance monitor that includes cpu and memory usage
  • system information

Once the tab is clicked, detailed information is immediately displayed accordingly.

A name filter box on the upper part of the user interface allowed us to display only the items that matched our keyword. We simply needed to enter our desired keyword and press "Enter."

The powerful process monitor displayed information in a variety of ways, including graphs, and we could watch multiple processes at the same time. Each tab gave us different types of information. For example, the "Processes" tab displayed PID, session, name, type, CPU, private bytes, date created and description. Double-clicking on an item in the list opened a new window that displayed detailed information about that particular item.

The lower part of the application window allowed us to do different things depending on the selected item, including stopping, starting, uninstalling and elevating privileges.

In addition to the details displayed on each tab, the program displayed real-time information about different aspects on the upper right part of the user interface. The details included the percentages of CPU and memory used as well as the percentages that different services used. We also viewed the power used, whether AC or battery power and the percentage in case of battery power.

We could configure the way we wanted the application to function. For example, we could set it to check for updates on startup, display CPU usage in a tray icon or restore the last used page on startup. Other things that we could do included opening the Control Panel or Desktop Explorer, taking a snapshot, replacing the task manager or shutting down the computer.


Task Manager DeLuxe is a versatile process monitor that allows users to get many details in real time. It can provide an overview of all items or detailed information about a particular item, and it allows the user to perform some tasks with relative ease.

Software Product Description

A portable task manager and process monitor for Windows.


"Simple version of Process Lasso."

Reviewer: -Greg Zeng

Review Date: 2017-11-02

Pros: TMX64.exe is just one file, 9,990,144 bytes. No further installation needed. It allows uninstalling, terminating, resuming, information, etc on current services, applications, etc. Much more than a simple information service.

Cons: Its columns cannot be re-sorted, like the better equipped shareware: Process Lasso. Uses one percent of my i7 CPU (Dell XPS-15 notebook). 5x more CPU demanding than Process Lasso.

Other Thoughts: Ok for quick, not-installed check of any computer.


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