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If you would like to create LaTeX documents, then TeXstudio is a handy tool for you. This LaTex editor provides an integrated writing environment that makes it comfortable and easy to create LaTeX documents. The open source program includes many useful features and is compatible with all major operating systems.

TeXstudio Features

  • Customizable menus, shortcuts and toolbars
  • Auto completion
  • Block cursors
  • Bookmarks
  • Context menus
  • Link overlay
  • Jump to error locations
  • Direct access to over 1000 mathematical symbols and many LaTeX tags
  • Drag and drop support for images
  • Template system
  • Table-formatting
  • Advanced build system
  • Ability to keep the overview

Using TeXstudio

TeXstudio features a friendly user interface that makes it easy to build, manage and compile LaTeX documents. The program allowed us to create projects from templates or start from scratch.

We started by configuring the TeXstudio and other related commands by selecting the 'Options' menu and selecting the 'Configure TeXstudio' command. We could also add our commands using the 'Build' command under 'Configure TeXstudio.'

The left pane gave us access to various tools we could use for different functions, including structure, accented letters, Greek letters, arrow and relation symbols, operator, bookmarks and delimiters among others. As a result, we found it relatively easy to create our documents.

We could insert mathematical functions and other LaTeX commands in addition to macros and bibliography entries. If you do not like the result of what you have done, you can always use the 'Undo' feature. The program is also compatible with different line operations, including duplication, moving and erasing. It allows users to analyze text, and its ability to jump to error locations makes it easy to make necessary corrections.

TeXstudio allowed us to save the settings we used and profiles we created so we could use them later.

Browsing documents is easy because the 'Structure View' on the left panel gives quick access to all parts of a document. We only had to click on specific items such as section or label to go to the start of the relevant area. We could see the cursor position in the 'Structure View' as the corresponding background would turn grey. The view updated automatically as we typed.

The 'Auto Completion' feature made it easy to add LaTeX tags. All we had to do to get a list of possible tags was type a relevant letter after pressing /. Of course, typing more letters filtered the list further.

TeXstudio is a very responsive LaTex editor although it requires a considerable amount of system resources.

Software Product Description

TeXstudio is an integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents.