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Release Date:   2006-09-16

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Software Product Description

Temper is a program for Sys Admins who need a tool to delete all the temp garbage in Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders, especially for multiple user accounts on one computer.
It will autodetect your Windows drive (in case it is not C:) and start scanning for all folders that are called Temp or Content.IE5 (i.e. the Temporary Internet Files folder). When it is done it will show you the list of folders it found, and you can remove items from this list in case you don't want them emptied.
Once you click EMPTY it will create a list of all files in the selected folders and delete them, then a list of all folders inside the selected folders and delete them. You can check a box in the Options to remove all cookies at the same time. Some items sometimes cannot be deleted, and Temper will show at the end what could not be deleted. There is a Test Mode (disable deleting) and an Expert Mode (remove confirmation boxes).

New features in current version:
-Automatic Mode - run without user interaction
-Save Settings
-Major bug fixes

More features will be added in future versions. For more details and news please visit my website. Also please leave some feedback if you tried it.

I wrote this tool when I could not find anything else that was small and required no installation to do what Temper does.

NOTE: If used incorrectly, this program may delete files needed to run certain programs on your computer if they are located in a folder called "Temp". Do not run it unless you know which folders on your computer are legitimate Temp folders!


"Use Caution"

Reviewer: -Rodger

Review Date: 2006-09-17

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Appears to delete the folders themselves-should just delete the contents not the whole folder!!


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