TextMorph 2.7      

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Release Date:   2012-02-04

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Software Product Description

TextMorph, is called as such because that is essentially what it does - it morphs text. It is a full text editor (like Notepad) except it also does so much more. It can perform such actions as quickly cleaning up forwarded emails (removing all those ">" signs, etc.), converting text to and from HTML, searching and replacing text (including multiple paragraphs of text), changing upper/lower case, removing trailing carriage returns, etc., all with the push of a button.

What's more is it can also repetitively do these tasks across large numbers of files (using TextMorph's Multiple File Morph wizard). For instance, if you have 500 text files, you can, in less than a minute, convert all 500 of them to HTML files complete with all of the formatting that you wish in the files (such as background image, etc.) This makes TextMorph an ideal program for people who work with large numbers of text files or archives of HTML or text content, as it can quickly and easily apply formatting to all files.

But most people can benefit from TextMorph if for no other reason than using it to quickly "clean up" forwarded emails. TextMorph is a fairly simple program to use, but it is also very powerful and provides many advanced options including command line processing of files. For programmers, TextMorph will actually allow you to create your own programs that act just like one of the built-in "tools."


"Great text prog!"

Reviewer: -joelm29

Review Date: 2004-02-16

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Other Thoughts: Good little proggie for working with text - actually one of the best I've found...especially like that it can apply formatting and search and replace across a lot of files at once


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