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Release Date:   2012-05-27

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Software Product Description

TheFolderSpy is a folder monitoring utility.


  • Auto log is saved in logs folder with name of "log date time.txt".
  • Specify what type of detections you want.
  • Command line parameters can be added.
  • Auto deletion of detection list removed.
  • Multiple detection of same actions minimized.
  • Small size (50 KB download).
  • Simple to use.
  • Portable (No installation, carry in your thumb drive).
  • Attractive interface.
  • Monitor any number of folders in real-time.
  • Execute a file when a change is detected(plays wav files, executes other files).
  • Fully automated (Run and forget).
  • Monitor many types of changes: Creation,Deletion, Attributes changes, Access date, Filesize changes etc.
  • Auto start (optional).
  • Can run in background.
  • Can write logs.
  • monitor specific files in a folder.
  • Send EMAIL when a change is detected.
Ever found yourself in a position to know about a change in your hard disk? Ever wanted to find (with proof) if your younger brother deleted your file? Ever caught yourself wanting to spy your friend computer?

TheFolderSpy lets you do all things easily.


  1. Just download it.
  2. UnRAR it in any folder. Its portable.
  3. Double click to start.
  4. Select Add item.
  5. Fill the folder you need to monitor, the file type (eg *.mp3) and the execution file that will be executed when a change is detected. Choosing the execution file is OPTIONAL. If you select a WAV file then it is played by TheFolderSpy itself.
  6. Click done.
  7. Now in the settings window click CLOSE.
  8. Now click yes.
Now the changes will be detected and listed..

You will notice a setts.tfs file created in the folder. Its the settings file containing information about what folder you are monitoring. Its encrypted. If you move TheFolderSpy be sure to move it with you.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to run in Windows XP. Runs directly in Vista and 7.


"Even better!"

Reviewer: -Elda

Review Date: 2010-06-03

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Other Thoughts: The new version add more functionality to the already excellent TheFolderSpy.

i'd say its a great tool.


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