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Release Date:   2016-04-19  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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TheWorld Browser is a tiny, fast, yet free, secure and powerful web browser. It features multi-tabbed with multi-threaded frame browser. TheWorld Browser is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

TheWorld Browser has a new, powerful multi-threaded window frame, which prevents the browser from being out of response. If a webpage is out of response, the others will not be affected.


  • Resource Usage Control - With advanced Mixed Process Mode, Memory usage will not remains very high after a long period of time.
  • Anti-Crash, Anti-Freezing - The excellent framework that separates the web page and ui window. It can drastically avoid the freezing or crash because of the problem web pages.
  • A High Speed - The intelligent function of Performance Optimize can reduce both CPU usage and memory usage significantly, which makes your TheWorld runs with a higher speed.
  • Private Browsing - From now on, don't be afraid that web pages you browsed will be seen by other people.
  • Skin & Color Changes - You can change personalized skins freely. moreover you can change the color of TheWorld as you wish.
  • Enhanced Download - Enhanced downloader is tiny and practical. It supports functions such as multi-session and resumable download. it`s a good helper for surfing the web.


"Pretty impressive"

Reviewer: -Someone Else

Review Date: 2016-07-24

Pros: TheWorld 7 is based on the Chromium engine, but it is a great alternative to Chrome, especially if you're willing to dispense with a lot of heavy extensions that bog down page loading. In my experience, it is the fastest Chromium-based browser, yet does not lack the essential tools. Bookmarks managing is excellent, and font rendering is clear and sharp if you leave the option "Enable the use of experimental DirectWrite font rendering system" unchecked in Advanced Settings. That option has been eliminated in the latest versions of Chrome, so that many people find themselves having to put up with very blurry fonts. Not only is page loading faster, but the browser's launch time is much shorter than the other Chromium browsers, as well.

Cons: TheWorld's official site is in Chinese, and so is their forum, so forget looking for support if you don't speak Chinese. You probably won't need help anyway if you're at all familiar with Chrome's menu structure. On the other hand, the software itself is localized for English speakers. They have an English website as well, but that's for a very outdated version that used Internet Explorer's rendering engine.

Other Thoughts: If you have 7-Zip, you needn't install TheWorld from its setup file; just open the .EXE inside 7-Zip's file manager as an archive and you'll find everything you need. You can then extract the files to the folder of your choice.

As for Flash, I didn't have to install it, because after getting a "no flash" message from a website, a standalone version of Pepper Flash turned up in the app's folder automatically. It didn't need installation, because after restarting TheWorld, I found that Flash was already up and running.


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