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thinBasic is a Basic like language interpreter. Its target is to have a scripts text file to be interpreted and executed immediately by a simple double click or by an automated scheduled tasks.

More than 500 predefined keywords. All main program flow: If/Then/Else/ElseIf/End If, While/Wend, For/Next, Do [While/Until]/Loop [While/Until], Select/End Select, user defined functions, modules, arrays and much more...

User defined functions with local or global variable declaration up to 12 parameters. Every script can have an unlimited number of user defined functions declared each of them can allocate variable in different ways: local, static, global scope.

Functions can be recursive and each recursion will allocate a new stack for local variables. Every function can have up to 12 parameters but this can be changed by design. Dynamic strings variables and many numeric types.

Numeric types: Byte, Word, Integer, DWord, Long, Quad, Single, Double, Extended, Currency.

Strings are dynamic strings. Dynamic string variables contain character data of arbitrary length. Dynamic strings can contain up to approximately 2 Gb characters. Dynamic strings can contain both text or binary data.

Arrays are supported up to 3 dimensions. Arrays can be of any supported variable types.

thinBasic language can be extended in keywords and functionalities using predefined official modules. thinBasic language consists of a rich set of keywords plus you can extend the keywords loading external modules designed to cover specific tasks.

There are some official predefined modules delivered with thinBasic that will allow to interact, for example, with databases. To use these modules, just use the keyword "Uses" followed by the name of the module.



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