Timewave Synthesizer 4.0      

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Reviewed on December 26, 2017

For many, the use of synthesizers is primarily reserved for the purveyors of pop and electronic music, thanks to the pulsating and exciting sounds that they can create. In fact, for most of the 1980s and 1990s, the synthesizer has dominated the airwaves, through hip and memorable dance and anthemic pop tunes.

But what if we tell you it can also create sounds that are patterned after the future ebbs and flows of time? This idea may seem straight out of psychedelic lifestyle and literature, but there's actually a software for it, and used to focus on a novelty theory of Timewave Zero Theory by Terrence McKenna. This Timewave Synthesizer captures the musical and sound equivalent of the theory, as rendered in a binary waveform.

Inspired by the Timewave Theory, of time moving in ebbs and flow

Developed as a synth program, the Timewave synthesizer sources its sounds from a novelty theory about the complex wave and movement of time. To understand the sounds created, a short understanding of the theory is in order. According to McKenna, time is considered as a complex wave, moving in ebbs and flows. According to experts who have followed McKenna, these ebbs and flows when graphed can be used to represent important events in history.

Following McKenna's argument, history and what the future will bring can be graphed and predicted through the Timewave. But one should keep in mind that the prediction is not about what lottery numbers will come up, or when one will graduate. Rather, the Timewave simply plots out a high and low time for history (and the future). The theory is complex as the wave, but this was used as the basis for creating the Timewave Synthesizer.

Waveform follow the human state of mind

As soon as the King Wen sequence of its I Ching is graphed, it will create a 64-hexagram code that will follow a waveform, reflecting the human state of mind which in turn forms part of the waveform. It is this waveform that was used sampling the synthesizer, creating a 7-minute and 13-second track that part Techno, New Age and futuristic. To create this program synth, a super-collider was used.

The software comes with an Apache License V2.0, GNU General Public License, version 3.0 and Creative Commons Attributions License. Hear the future through the Timewave Synthesizer

The 7-minute track produced by the software may not be the traditional pop and techno music that you are used too, but it gives you the next best thing in seeing and predicting what the future holds.

Software Product Description

Requirements: Supercollider IDE Installed.