Timewriter v3.09      

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Release Date:   2005-10-19

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Software Product Description

With XSO TimeWriter, you can rapidly and efficiently register worked hours, assign them to projects or customers, and print them in convenient reports.

At the core of TimeWriter is the week grid. This grid displays one full week at a time. Booked work hours are displayed as time slots. You can easily enter new work hours by creating a new time slot with your mouse.

In each time slot, you can enter information. As a default, this information contains customer name, activity and product, but the application manager can change these names into names that are used within your company. In addition, a time slot has a start and end time, employee information and a rate.

The application manager determines which information you must enter. In some fields, you can choose information from a list with stem items. The application manager enters these items and determines which items are available.

You can use the time slot information to generate various reports. With a control report, you can check whether all employees have filled in their time sheets.

TimeWriter is free for personal use. (max 1 concurrent user)


"Desktop solution"

Reviewer: -CarrieAnn

Review Date: 2005-03-15

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Other Thoughts: I have been messing around in Excel trying to create a desktop timesheet for my own use. This application is superb - categories are easily changeable, it is quick to insert timeslots and the reporting is at the touch of a button. Don't know how. I managed without it.


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