Tiny Security Suite 1.0      

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Release Date:   2019-06-14

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on June 14, 2019

Multi-purpose security software with modules for encryption, shredding, hiding folders, and more.

Increased computer system security is provided by Tiny Security Suite which is open source software developed by DSKT.Tech. It was originally developed alongside the developer's data mining software and is now well adapted to general use in maintaining system security by encrypting, shredding and/or hiding files. Anonymous browsing with the Tor Browser and Firewall PAPI are included in the program.

Upon launch of the program, after downloading and unzipping the Tiny Security Suite package, you are requested to create a password which will enable you to log in to the program from thereon. The highly comprehensive user interface has a menu bar at the top and a left-hand panel with buttons to open Encryption, Shredder, Secure Folder, and VPN modules and Login and About tabs. At left there are also Tor Browser and Firewall buttons.

File and text encryption

Separate tabs are provided for File Encryption and Text Encryption. The file encryption procedure provides for selection of an AES or Triple DES algorithm. You can then browse to your input file and a destination folder and use the Encrypt and Decrypt buttons at left. Text encryption is a similar process with a text input panel and a panel displaying the encrypted text.

Shredding files and securing folders

The Shredder file list window has an Add File button at the left to enable the selection of files to add to the proposed hidden folder. These are then listed in the window and Clear File button is provided for you to make changes. You then set Parameters at either 7 or 35 Passes and click the Shred button.

Secure Folder works in much the same way with Add and Remove File and Folder buttons at the left of the file list window and Hide and UnHide buttons to complete the process.

Complete computer system security

In addition to file encryption, shredding and hiding, the program provides security when connecting to your Open VPN and includes the PAPI Firewall and the Tor Browser. The Tor Browser provides anonymous browsing by isolating the websites you visit to prevent your being tracked by third-party trackers, ad and other surveillance methods. It works via a network of servers that relay and encrypt your traffic.

The Tiny Security Suite is easy to install, set up and use to provide you with computer system security in the event of direct intervention and the means to prevent surveillance and tracking.

Software Product Description

Secure your computer and your privacy with this free suite of security tools.