What's New in version 7.0.1:

  • Fixed csv exports to use comma by default (instead of tab) if Excel is installed
  • Fixed inability to clear cost attribute value using -cs
  • Fixed inability to clear start/due/completion dates using -sd/-dd/-cd
  • Fixed inability to set dependencies with -dp
  • Fixed inability to set multiple file links using -fr
  • Fixed inability to clear file links using -fr
  • Fixed inability to deselect multiply selected items by clicking an item within the group
  • Fixed unwanted strings appearing in translation files
  • Fixed -tid bug opening a new instance when required task is not visible in active filter
  • Fixed loss of user language choice in XP
  • Fixed incorrect Task Tree splitter colour in XP
  • Fixed incorrect tooltips after changing attribute column order
  • Added -si commandline switch to produce intermediate transform file
  • Added facility to drag browser URLs directly to File Link field
  • Added option to append items via the commandline using '+'

What's New in version 7.0:

  • Redesigned Task Tree and List View
  • Task Tree and List View attribute columns can be resized and reordered
  • Gantt view attribute columns can be resized and reordered
  • Added support for multiple 'File Link' items per task
  • Added support for custom attributes to 'User-defined tools'
  • Updated French, German, Hebrew, Russian and Spanish translations

What's New in version 6.7.7:

  • Fixed exporting of 'Categories', 'Tags', 'Dependencies', 'Allocated to'
  • Fixed resorting of 'Remaining Time' attribute when dates/times change
  • Fixed icon/checkbox placement in list view

What's new in version 6.6.2:

  • Fixed incorrectly hidden columns
  • Fixed 'Earliest Due Date' not being saved correctly to task file

What's new in version 6.6.1:

  • Fixed bug with disabled text color option
  • Fixed bug with recurring reminders
  • Fixed 'red ring' around checkboxes with themes turned off

What's New in version 6.6:

  • Icon custom attributes added
  • New print formatting styles added
  • Relative date support added to Find tasks dialog
  • Support for recurring reminders added
  • Many more features

What's New in version 6.5.10:

  • Fixed various Windows shutdown scenarios
  • Fixed unexpected growth in preferences file
  • Fixed redraw bug with Find Tasks dialog
  • Fixed bug handling custom time formats
  • Fixed bug matching partial strings

What's new in this version 6.1:

  • New Rtf to Html converter. Handles images and multibyte languages
  • 'Filtered tasks' option added to print, export and transform options
  • 256x256 and 48x48 icons added for Windows 7
  • upgrade comments to use RichEdit50
  • support relative paths in preferences
  • set comments selection to top by default
  • make due task notifications modal
  • fixed comments state saving/reloading
  • fix line endings in simple text comments
  • ALT+ column click moves focus to edit field(s)
  • Allow 'Finds' to be used as filters
  • add zero minutes to reminder dialog
  • add toggle to turn filter on and off
  • add text field to filter bar to match against titles
  • add task name to 'copy as path'
  • add preference to place icons next to task title
  • add option to append time to the time tracking log file
  • add Apply button to preferences dialog
  • add absolute reminders
  • add to priority edit menu