Tonjac HTTP-Tunnel 1.0      

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Release Date:   2006-09-13

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Software Product Description

tonjac HTTP-tunnel is a set of tools to create tunnels that encodes any TCP-socket traffic as HTTP.

Why do I need a HTTP-tunnel?
HTTP-traffic can be passed thru any Proxy or webserver. If you use a HTTP-tunnel you can route any TCP traffic via a restrictive proxy that only allowes HTTP-traffic. You can route all your incomming and outgoing traffic from your site via your webserver and you don't have to open any extra ports in your firewall. If your webserver supports SSL you can encrypt all the traffic.

Why should I choose tonjac HTTP-tunnel?
There is a number of software programs build for the perpose of creating HTTP-tunnels, both free and commercial. The reasons to the birth of "tonjac HTTP-tunnel" was the following:

  • Most tunnel software that did "all the tricks" where expensive.
  • The free alternatives did not support SSL directly. You had to use them together with some kind of SSH software and this gets quite complex.
  • There were no tunnels that supported URL-routing.

How do I create a tunnel?
A tunnel is created by a client- and a server-side. The serverside is created with the http2sock service and the clientside is created with the sock2http console tool or from the admin HTML interface served by http2sock. A tunnel can be setup for a session or a sessionless communication model.



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Other Thoughts: I find it very interesting but the details on how to use could be refined for easier understanding


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