Total Copier 1.0      

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Release Date:   2017-05-24

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OS:  Windows 8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on May 10, 2017

While Windows operating system comes with a handy Explorer, its features are limited. Total Copier is a sophisticated program that uses the latest technologies for advanced data transfer.

Features and Functions

Total Copier installs easily, providing the opportunity to create a desktop shortcut. The program integrates with Windows Shell and Taskbar.

New tasks are added via the File menu, where it is possible to choose whether to browse folders or files and whether to copy or move them. The program provides many features to customize the operations.

In case something interrupts copying or moving process, the auto resume function lets the program resume the process without the user's intervention, who would otherwise need to start from scratch. This is made possible because of another important feature.

The program keeps a record of all jobs, including completed and pending ones. Since the software automatically starts with Windows by default, it can even resume interrupted jobs after a system crash.

The intuitive Multi-Clipboard feature enables users to keep up to nine different things in the Clipboard. The feature is also enabled by default although the Settings menu gives users the opportunity to customize their preferences.

Once you have added move or copy jobs, the Add to pending list allows you to add required items to the list so that you can resume the jobs later. You can either completely cancel jobs or cancel and add them to the pending list.

The ListView control generates a list of all the files for a given job. The function allows users to manage files for given jobs in various ways, including searching for file names, moving them down or up, adding and removing desired files. The feature also provides such details as file size, modification date and source path.

Custom rename rules helps users to avoid file collision.

You can also adjust the copy speed by selecting a custom buffer size in bytes. However, you do not need to know anything about bytes to change speed as the Settings menu provides a slider for selecting low, normal or high speed in addition to the custom option.

The program displays a balloon message and plays a sound when it completes a job. You can specify what should happen at the end of the process, including such power-saving options as sending the computer to sleep, hibernating or shutting it down.

If something goes wrong during a process, the advanced Error Log will provide full details about the error, which you can export to a text file.


Total Copier is a versatile program that includes many powerful options. It features a nano window option that lets it function as a widget.

Software Product Description

Total Copier is a useful, advanced data copier software for Windows.

The Windows XP/7 version can be downloaded from the default download page.