What's New in version 1.6:

  • Added: Word wrap according to the width of the TreeNoote editor window.
  • Added: 'Parameters' window: Open button in the browser of the data storage folder.
  • Added: 'Parameters' window: Automatic data backup option when launching TreeNoote, with choice of storage path and number of copies to keep.
  • Added: 'Settings' window: Button for opening the backup storage folder in the browser.
  • Added: 'Parameters' window: Data backup function with choice of storage path.
  • Added: 'Parameters' window: Immediate data restoration function with choice of storage path.
  • Added: 'Parameters' window: Search function for new versions when TreeNoote is launched.

Added: Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl A: Add a note
  • Ctrl D: Delete
  • Ctrl P: Print
  • Ctrl F: Search
  • Ctrl S: Parameters
  • Ctrl I: Information
  • Ctrl O: Folder
  • Ctrl B: Chip
  • Ctrl L: Line
  • Ctrl H: Date / Time
  • Ctrl T: Tree structure
  • UI modification: New ergonomics of the 'Parameters' window.
  • UI modification: Close the 'Parameters' and 'Information' windows by pressing the Esc key.
  • UI modification: Pressing the Esc key minimizes TreeNoote in the taskbar.
  • UI modification: Removal of the sound warning when deleting a note.
  • Fixed: Bug in case of unsuccessful search.

What's New in version 1.4:

  • Added: Easier creation of '1st level' notes.
  • Added: Highlighting of search results in found notes.
  • Added: To simplify the use on usb key or in the cloud; possibility of indicating a relative path for the data.
  • UI modification: Removal of menus in favor of buttons (Parameters and information).
  • Modification UI: Important modifications on the part which presents the tree structure of the notes whose width is now modifiable, retractable, detachable and rackable on the left or on the right. Ideal for working with multiple displays.
  • UI modification: 'Classification file' field in the note file.
  • UI modification: Horizontal dividing line in search mode.
  • UI modification: deletion of the request to confirm the closing of TreeNoote.
  • UI modification: Note deletion confirmation request activated by default (can be modified in the Settings).
  • Corrected: Loop when assigning reciprocal 'parent' notes.
  • Fixed: Wrong display of the name of the parent note when creating.

What's New in version 1.3:

  • Print function of a note with preview, page selection, color or black and white mode, printer selection.
  • Export function in PDF format.
  • Right click possible in a note and on its title with the following functions: cut, copy, paste, paste without formatting, search on the internet, select all.
  • New version search function.
  • Possible modification of the size of the TreeNoote window, setting in full screen.
  • Tabulation possible in a note.
  • Some bugs fixed