TreeNoote v1.4      

Size:  40.1MB

License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2020-09-14  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on July 08, 2020

Secure note taking application with integrated rich text editor.

A freeware, nice and easy to use secure notepad, TreeNoote provides you with a portable rich text formatting application for convenient note-taking whenever and wherever you need it.

Yes, unlike the note-taking applications that come with your operating system, device manufacturer, or other sources, notes made in TreeNoote can be stored wherever you choose. Flexibility is key. In addition to text formatting, you can insert images, pre-selected text, links, and even URLs into your notes.

Your preferred secure notepad

There are multiple reasons for TreeNoote being your best choice for flexible and adaptable note-taking. First and foremost, it's hierarchically organized for easy access to any note you've made. and secondarily, it's free and portable - all in addition to being fully secure.

Download, unzip, and execute the portable application to its initial Quick Start page where you can browse a sample notebook to familiarize yourself with the features available under the File menu. The user interface is both simplistic and comprehensive with a menu bar, tree panel beneath it at left, and main editing window at right. There are icons for adding a new note and deleting a selected note at the top of the editing area, plus a search bar and drop-down note menu where your current note name is always displayed. Your file information (number of notes, creation and change date, and time) is located in a bar at the bottom of the window.

Note-taking with TreeNoote and the rich text editor

After clicking the icon to add and title a new note, you can click anywhere within the editing window to create, or add to existing notes, using the formatting options in the toolbar that displays at the top of the note. Alternatively, you can use the standard text formatting hotkeys. Text, URLs, and images can be added to your notes by dragging and dropping or you can cut and paste them. Saving your work is automatic when you switch notes or exit the program.

The Preferences menu, available from the File menu, enables you to create a password for a fully secure notepad, check/uncheck for Delete confirmation, select a local, USB or cloud storage location, and select a language (English, Spanish or French).

TreeNoote provides you with a note-taking application, inclusive of a rich text editor, that is both free and secure in addition to being conveniently easy to use at any time, wherever you happen to be. It supports 32- 64-bit Windows OS 7 to 10.

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Keep your notes on your computer or flash drive or sync them to the cloud.