Trekker 1.2      

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Release Date:   2016-05-19

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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 Reviewed on March 04, 2016

If you've ever looked for a large document, printable, or even a restaurant's menu online, chances are the files were formatted as PDFs. Many files on the Internet are formatted this way, but the problem comes in when you don't have a program to allow you to open them up. Trekker, a freeware application, lets users manipulate and view PDF files easily and quickly.

Using Trekker

Trekker takes mere seconds to download and install. It's compatible with computers that use Windows XP and above, and has many useful features. In addition to simply viewing PDF pages, you can print, join or split PDFs, and extract text from the files. Trekker has a clean, simple interface with no frills, but that's what makes it work so quickly.

I was able to open up several large PDF files -- including a car manual that's over 250 pages long -- in what seemed like a flash. Seriously, it took no longer than 2 seconds. Meanwhile, the PDF viewer that I normally use stalled a bit before finally opening up the car manual about 15 seconds later. Trekker has several zoom options as well as the ability to rotate pages, so seeing all of the details on a page isn't a problem. It would be nice to seamlessly view multi-page documents, but hopefully this functionality will be added in future updates to the software.


GratSoft was aiming to create an easy to use, lightweight free PDF viewer, and they definitely got it right with Trekker. Even if you already have a PDF viewer installed, having Trekker on hand as another option is still a good idea. Certain programs are infamous for crashing, sucking up system resources, and limiting what you can do with PDF files if you don't pay for a subscription. There's none of that hassle with Trekker, and it's completely free. Download it, try it, and Trekker might just become your new go-to PDF viewer.

Software Product Description

Trekker is a freeware software application that lets you view and manipulate pdf and image files via a file explorer like side panel.