TrucklistStudio 0.9.1      

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Release Date:   2016-07-15

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 Reviewed on July 15, 2016

The Internet has made it possible for almost anyone to start an online station. One of the major things that will determine the success or failure of a station is the way it is maintained. For example, do you have to stay up throughout to ensure your songs get played as you want without boring your audience? Then consider using TrucklistStudio, a powerful media playlist broadcasting program. The software can handle pictures, animated GIFs, music and videos.

Using TrucklistStudio

TrucklistStudio is a Java program, and you must have Java installed on your system to use it. For Windows operating system, we needed Java 8 JRE. We extracted the software content to a folder named 'dist.' We launched the program by opening the folder and double-clicking on the TrucklistStudio.jar icon.

The software opened a dark-themed user interface that was divided into several parts for performing different tasks.

We set the program to load our sources. Basically, we produced tracks from audio and video files, while the text and pictures in the source were only necessary for building the layout of our stream.

The Automatic Aspect Ratio detection button resized all loaded media proportionally to match the mixer resolution. Turning it on enabled us to get all movies with the correct aspect ratio. The mixer preview window was on the upper left part of the user interface; with its settings displayed below it. The movies we selected appeared on the middle part of the window, also with their settings below them.

When we played a movie, we viewed it on both places with the correct aspect ratio when we turned on the button. If we did not turn on the button and played a video that was not in wide screen format, for instance, it became stretched in the mixer preview window.

The second button was for automatic making of tracks. All music and video files loaded produced playable tracks with their right durations displayed in seconds to help us build our playlist. We could play a track by clicking the 'Start/Stop Track' button, and a timer started counting down as soon as we started playing the track. Stopping the track did not stop the stream from playing. We controlled both track and stream simultaneously by starting playback from the Track panel.

We added multiple tracks, which the program automatically added to our playlist so long as the automatic track button was activated. We could load a movie with the button deactivated to stop adding its track to the playlist but instead use it to create a picture-in-picture in another track.

Apart from playing tracks with their default durations, we could specify the respective durations we wanted them to take before going to succeeding tracks. The software played the tracks in a loop, starting from the top once it had reached the end.

We streamed our playlist to our preferred service using the 'Output' button.


TracklistStudio is an intuitive program for creating interesting media broadcasts. In addition to creating playlists, you can use it to add text overlays, animations and logos to your tracks.

Software Product Description

Free media playlist broadcasting software.

Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 or above. Get It Here.