Tube 3D 2014      

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Release Date:   2014-08-23

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Software Product Description

PLASMA TUBE 3D 2014 is developed for Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine.

Goal is to provide easy way to calculate point coordinates for pipe (tube) cutting where each end of produced tube needs to fit to some round or planar surface (in most case, next step is welding produced tube to that surfaces).

G CODE produced can be used directly (in most cases) as input to some CNC machine controlling software. Or you can easily use (cut) calculated paths and use it in your own G CODE file.

This application is portable, it does not write anything to registry (or anywhere else). This app does not phone home or collect any user information in any way. Just unzip attached zip file and place it anywhere on HD (we recommend simple location like C:Tube3D or similar simple path).