TurboIRC 7      

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Release Date:   2010-06-01

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OS:  Win XP/2003/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

An enhanced IRC client with scripting capabilities and x64 support.


  • Also Available in x64 version.
  • Complete rewrite in C++. More flexible code.
  • Encoding UTF-8 , ANSI , or custom per channel.
  • Rewritten and new MDI interface.
  • Per user data configuration.
  • XML configuration.
  • AES/SSL encryption.
  • External file transfers with Turbo Transfer.
  • New system of toolbars/menus - less menu confusion.
  • Both Installed-Based and Portable Version - Installer stores data in Windows folders, portable version stores data in the folder you unrar.
  • XML - based tree configuration box.
  • Aliases, Events, Special events and alarms are mixed to one category.
  • 64-bit file transfer with Turbo Transfer DCC.
  • Scripts also support external PHP.
  • UTF-8 logging.
  • ActiveX support is enhanced.
  • Protected logging with AES.
  • Auto updates are enhanced with the Turbo Update library.
  • New chat enhancements: Insert unicode characters and tables.
  • More efficient Indirect File Transfers.
  • User information now contains custom levels and it has an unlimited size
  • Scrolling row bar to get notifications.
  • Script enhancements
    • Static variables are now unlimited
    • Custom definitions are now unlimited
    • Script size is now unlimited
    • Script supports scalar variables
    • Variable name and value is unlimited
    • Script supports external PHP (along with Javascript and VBScript)
  • Multilingual
  • Auto updates
  • Installer / Uninstaller
  • Most IRC effects (bold,italic,colors,sizes,fonts,symbols,windings, beeps,emoticons,flash,ActiveX,Voice,Clipboard).
  • SSL support
  • User lists (Notify,Talk notify,Ignore,Black list,Auto Op,Auto voice)
  • Custom nick prefixes
  • Scripts (Native,PHP,Javascript,VBScript)
  • Plugins
  • IPv6
  • Proxies
  • Inline midi

Download the x64 version of TurboIRC.

Download the portable x86 version of TurboIRC.

Download the portable x64 version of TurboIRC.



Reviewer: -G00dz

Review Date: 2007-12-20

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: At least, some nice gui and x64 supportz:


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