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Release Date:   2021-02-09

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OS:  Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Did you know that whenever you use USB and CD or DVD drives, your computer creates registry keys that remain even after you stop using them? If you would like to remove these traces, then USB Oblivion will come in handy. The lightweight and portable application is designed to remove all traces of CD-ROMs and USB-connected drives from the Windows registry. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to 8.

Using USB Oblivion

USB Oblivion is a portable application. We did not, therefore, worry that it would leave traces on the system registry while it removed those of connected drives. We simply extracted the executable file into our desired folder and created its shortcut on the desktop for ease of use.

When we launched the application, it gave us a warning to eject all flash drives prior to starting the cleaning process. Although it was a portable application, that effectively ruled out running it from a USB flash drive unless we decided not to heed the warning.

We also needed to choose whether we wanted to perform a simulation or the actual cleaning process. We opted for the simulation process first so we could view the log details to be removed. That was the default option. We also left the option to save backup .reg-file selected.

The process took only a few seconds, and the application displayed steps taken. It displayed the name and location of the created backup file, process mode performed, actions taken, number of users found and respective details about the users. Examples of these details were numbers of mount points and Explorer drives found.

The application displayed the details on a simple user interface, with two check boxes and two buttons on the lower part. The check boxes on the lower left side were for selecting either simulation mode or the real cleaning process and saving backup file. The buttons on the lower right side were for launching the cleaning process and exiting the application respectively. The details explained above covered most of the otherwise bare interface.


If you want a simple and automatic way of removing CD-ROM and USB registry traces, then USB Oblivion is the right application to choose. The portable application is lightweight, fast and requires minimal system resources. It gives you the opportunity to create a backup .reg files just in case you experience some hitches after the cleaning process.

Software Product Description

This utility designed to erase all traces of USB-connected drives and CD-ROMs from the registry in Windows.