Ultimate Wav to MP3 Converter 1.03      

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Release Date:   2016-07-01

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Software Product Description

The wave audio file format, which has the prefix .wav, is ideal for processing and exchanging between different computer platforms. However, the uncompressed raw audio data can take significant storage space. Therefore, you may want to convert WAV files to the popular MP3 format, which is where Ultimate WAV to MP3 Converter comes in handy.

The free audio converter features a simple and dark-themed graphic user interface with buttons for performing various tasks arranged on the far right part of the program window.

The button with a + sign allows you to add the WAV files you would like to convert. You can add files individually or several files simultaneously. If you add a file or files you do not want to convert, you just need to select them and then click the remove button, which has a minus (-) sign.

The program saves the converted files in the source folder by default. However, you can remove the tick on the check box marked Same as output and then browse to your preferred destination folder.

The Convert button has a similar mark to the one usually used in the Play button in media players; a right-facing arrow. You click it to start the conversion process.

The converter marks the files it is working on with the words Converting while the ones already converted are marked as Done. It makes fast conversions.

If you do not have anything else to do on your computer, you can set the program to shut down the computer after conversion. Otherwise when it completes the process, it displays the message Conversion Complete and the total number of files converted.

You can configure such things as bit rate, sample rate, quality and MP3 channels. You can also configure how frequently you want Ultimate WAV to MP3 Converter to check for updates.