Ultra Core Protector 6.5      

Size:   1.53MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2010-09-24  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Ultra Core Protector (UCP) - is a free anti-cheat client-server software for server protection from unscrupulous players.

UCP AntiCheat supported games: Half-Life, Condition Zero, Counter-Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, Adrenaline Gamer, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike Source, MuOnline.


  • Semi-automatic installation of client part
  • Checking files to the specified list
  • Check system functions for hooking
  • Forced display of 32 bit color
  • The system's ban on the unique identifier of the PC
  • Ability to run the game with the specified priority
  • Auto-update the client part through the process of playing
  • Putting the values of the specified list of commands
  • Cross-platform server part
  • Support for steam and non-steam versions of the game
  • Ability to screen capture from players
  • Automatically send images to the specified FTP / HTTP server
  • View screenshots without leaving the game
  • Check the integrity of gaming libraries, maps, and models of players
  • Delete all unnecessary files from the root directory of the game player
  • Finding and unloading of prohibited hack utilities
  • Debug mode for quick identification of problems
  • Blocking unknown libraries
  • Blocking remote threads
  • Client part UCP runs on Windows XP, Vista, Seven

What's New in version 6.5:

  • Added uninstall procedure anticheat
  • Fixed problem with screenshots showing unnamed window motd
  • Now, the reason for the ban will be visible to the player every time you try to go
  • HL1. Lock command motd_write
  • HL2. Fixed transfer of screenshots in the seventh protocol
  • HL2. Fixed native function GetClientAuthString2


"UCP Warning"

Reviewer: -Enclave

Review Date: 2010-09-13

Pros: It's free, which doesn't necessarily make it better than paid.

Cons: Don't install this, it's incompatible with many installations of windows 7, vista and xp. He should make this compatible even with modificated systems, like all the professional anti-cheaters, like gameguard or playsafe. A lot of people have problem with "modificated version windows" and the only thing UCP developer suggests is to reinstall your system. What a BS. Reinstall system for one anti-hack to work? That is ridiculous. DO NOT USE THIS anti-hack if you don't want to loose many players on your servers. A lot of people with brand new installations of operating systems of microsoft and hdd scanned by several online and normal antivirus programs still can't play because of this crap protection. ============ WARNING! ============ DO NOT INSTALL THIS WINDOWS-INCOMAPTIBLE CRAP! You will loose players on your server if you do. Many people say it works and I believe them, but so many people also say it RUINED THEIR GAME because they couldn't play anymore with this anti-hack EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NORMAL, HONEST, FAIR PLAYERS. ============ WARNING! ============

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