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Release Date:   2009-01-26

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

UnPacker is a fully automated extracting tool. This is not a WinRAR or WinZIP replacement but quite a useful utility when you want to extract large quantum of archives.

The program makes a queue of every rar added to the list and extracts them one by one. This way you can peacefully play your games (or sleep) while extracting. It also has optional functions to cleanup (removing archives after extract).

You should try it, it is free and you'll get a notice when a program update is available to ensure you'll always have the latest version. Other functions like minimize to tray, thread priority, etc. are also available.


  • Zip-support added!
  • Possible to add archives in archives directly to the queue
  • Added option for ignoring the found window and directly extract everything it find
  • Made the cleanup functions smarter, and fixed a small bug in the renaming feature
  • Now possible to save unfinished extraction queue to file on exit and reload it on startup (or a crash)
  • Logfile support added
  • Also possible to rename the directory you've extracted from
  • Possible to pause/resume on Unpacker & Autocopy
  • AutoCopy can now operate in quiet mode
  • Possible to set thread priority
  • Autoscan directories by given interval
  • Check autoscanned archives against the SFV file
  • Automatic adding to queue when archive is equal to SFV, so you don't have to :)
  • Recursive scan of harddrive anywhere in Explorer for archives
  • Archives can be queued for process
  • Each archive is extracted one by one
  • Possible (optional) to clean up the archive files after use

What's New in version 1.5.0 build: 1909:

  • Fixed support for Windows 2003 server and Windows Home Server (captionbuttons messing up)
  • Added support for password protected files! (With a simple timeout)
  • Added right-click option for 'Extract to destination' on found-archives
  • Added right-click option for 'Rescan same directory' on scan
  • Created a SFV-checked option for Autounpacker so it will not rescan same SFV file again


Reviewer: -shubhra

Review Date: 2007-09-05

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: well when i used this software my system went off automatically and windows rebooted again with error messages!!!!


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